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  • Behold The Man
  • Plain landscape. Evening on the Ostsee.
  • Fog
19th century_Romanticism
Collecting Ilya Brumm
59 artworks • 0 comments
  • Virgin of the rocks (detail)
  • Cycle of paintings "the Horrors of war." The visit of the monk
  • Madonna and child with St Anne (detail)
Collecting Serge
20 artworks • 0 comments
  • Thrush from Bordeaux
  • The clothed maja
  • Asmodeus, or Fantastic vision
Goya Prado
Collecting Sergey Gromov
83 artworks • 0 comments
  • The Duchess of Alba, a stacking hair
  • Young woman sweeping
  • A pilgrimage to San Isidro. Fragment
Collecting Vasiliy Shakhov
86 artworks • 0 comments
  • Laundress
  • Still life with fruit and a child with a doll
  • Girl reading and girl playing
Style: Rococo 53
Collecting Open
1,584 artworks • 0 comments
  • House in Cornville
  • Rainbow. Landscape
  • The evening clouds. Sketch
Style: 55 Romanticism
Collecting Open
2,444 artworks • 0 comments
  • Black bow
  • Orchestra rehearsal in the circus
  • El Jaleo
Collecting K. Ballantrae
24 artworks • 0 comments
  • Visit schoolgirl to a blind father
  • Three (disciples of the artisans carry water)
  • The Paris festivities. The inside of the booth during a performance
Genre scene
Collecting Open
1,709 artworks • 0 comments
  • Burial Of The Sardine
  • Cycle of paintings "the Horrors of war." The visit of the monk
  • Cycle of paintings "the Horrors of war." Pesthouse
8 artworks • 0 comments
  • Portrait of a lady
  • Portrait of the actress Antonia Zarate
  • A series of "Tauromachia", page 20: the Jump from garrocha Juanito Apinian in a speech in the arena of Madrid
Collecting Olga Held
137 artworks • 0 comments

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