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How to expand your consciousness, the reality of the Cosmos and the calling of women: quotations by Nicholas Roerich

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Social networks and news feeds of today tout us different articles on positive thinking, shaping reality through your thoughts, and all sorts of guides and seminars on desire visualizing techniques. However, back in the 20s of the last century, Roerich was the trailblazer, who paved the tracks for modern downshifters, the guide who brought Buddhist and Hindu ideas to the Western world, the indefatigable seeker of Shambhala and the pastor of Agni Yoga esoteric teaching.
People say particularly often, "There is nothing more to surprise us" - and get surprised at the first new rustle on the word.

The human consciousness has not changed its basic properties much in the last millennia. The mind that created the wonders of technology has a head start on human heart, which has stiffened at the Stone Age state — it is still made of stone.

In the monotony of everyday life, only a few feel the reality of the Cosmos. Only a few know how to defeat the gray dragon of everyday life. The consciousness of mankind is so saturated with the dust of ordinary that it is essential to break through this wall.

Blessed are the obstacles, for they make us grow.
Dreams are not signs of illiteracy, but the differences of refined souls.

Belief in oneself and the search for truth form harmony. Growing offense makes a bad garden.

Accommodation or tolerance are the same. Only betrayal is not to be tolerated.

A deceiver thinks about deceit. A betrayer thinks about betrayal. A coward pothers about horrors. Each in his own way. Tell me what you think about, and I’ll tell you who you are.

A person oppressed with offense is attracted to one point. Becoming motionless, a man inevitably becomes dull. Stupidity, like rust, absorbs a part of the main substance.
Nicholas Roerich. Krishna
1929, 74×118 cm
Yes, women should prepare to be allowed to share the hardships of governing the country nowadays. Her common sense and, most importantly, her heart will prompt numerous correct decisions. I have a very high opinion of women, and if we consider the historical facts and true biographies of many great people, we will see that women have been their inspiration and the main advisers.

I strongly believe in women’s common sense, in women’s magnetism, in women’s heart and the ability to work selflessly. Let us not forget that the woman is commanded to save the world.
When someone wants to justify himself in doing nothing, then, believe me, he will find a lot of intervenient circumstances. At that, many people will justify the inactiveness. In contrast, mobility, that is the desire for a new work, new cognition, will be condemned very easily. They’ll say about empty dreams, chimerical aspirations, credulity; you never know what else a dodgy mind can find to say, when it wants to evade something prompted by the heart.

Beware of not persecution, but fame.
The imposed dogmata, human laws, a standard of life have disaccustomed the humanity from thinking and turned people into automatons and parrots, with rare exceptions, which repeat the learned rules and formulae. When will it be possible to liberate human thought! They talk about different freedoms, but the opposite camps are afraid of the same beast, the freedom of thought! I feel sad for the humanity!

Man is a part of the Cosmos, therefore each of his thoughts, every word and action contributes to the violation or establishment of equilibrium in the Cosmos.

All laws are only in our minds; the expanded awareness expands laws. Hence, the great mobility of laws must follow, but what do we really see? The criminal vacancy of thought.
Nicholas Roerich. Buddha The Winner
Buddha The Winner
1925, 742×1177 cm
People are too used to all kinds of prohibitions and restrictions. Their worst fear is the freedom of their thought, because they feel that the freedom of thought wakes and, accordingly, grows the awareness of responsibility.

The meaning of life is relentless creating and constructing. However, creativity only can develop with the freedom of thought. Where thought is constrained, all creatures are wretched cripples, and they cannot enter the life of the future mankind.

Every true work of art speaks for itself and bears the great banner of striving of the spirit to the highest beauty, and therefore it does not need any other aims, for emanation of beauty is the crown of culture.
The last war among people will be a war for truth. This war will last in every single person. The War with own ignorance, aggression, anger. And only the radical transformation of each individual can become the beginning of a peaceful life for all people.
Nicholas Roerich. Moses Driver
Moses Driver
1925, 73.5×119.5 cm
The main aim is to destroy the bacilli of evil thoughts, which are more contagious than any disease. Take care not of the words spoken, but of the thoughts. During a single word, ten thoughts are born.

Thought, as the subtlest energy, is the base of the Subtle World, and a good thought is the strongest creative force. Everything is created by thought there and destroyed by thought either. And earthly thoughts have the same purpose, therefore just imagine how important it is to send creative and beautiful thoughts into the space.

The turmoil around us turns the noble-sounding "thank you" into "th'nkya", instead of the benevolent "good afternoon" we say an insultingly meaningless "g'afn'n"; and it’s not about our tongue mumbling such worthful concepts so obscuredly, but about the words that lose their beautiful and inviting importance.
A feeling thrown into space, returns to its source like a boomerang.

They ask: how to go through life? You answer: as if you walked on a string over an abyss — fairly, gently and impetuously.

Each end is only the beginning of something even more majestic and beautiful.
Nicholas Roerich with his sons, 1942. Naggar, India.
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Cover photo: Nicholas Roerich in Kullu Valley, 1932. Source:

Quotations by Nicholas Roerich are collected by Natalia Azarenko
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