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In Motion: Monet, Renoir, Picasso, Magritte, Chagall, Frida Kahlo and Dali, a dozen of artists` rare videos

The epoch of cinema broke out late century before last. What a mercy, we can take at least a rapid glance at the legendary artists working, strolling, advertising something! We have managed to collect rare breathtaking videos. Just watch…
Claude Monet in Giverny

Lush garden of the estate in Giverny with willows, lilies, an easel and the artist caught up on work, as people used to see him. Claude Monet (1840 — 1926) — respectable aged bearded gentleman in a hat is painting… and smoking

Edgar Degas is taking a walk

Below we provide as it is said the only video with Edgar Degas (1834 — 1917) — just a moment! The maiden supposedly was paid to bring Degas noteless to the camera and pass by it together with the artist while walking in the morning in Paris. Do you think, it is true? The picture of Degas dated 1895.

Renoir at Work
"I am aware of the difficulties in gaining recognition for painting to become a great one and at the same time joyful."
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Below is the video with the great impressionist at work. Aged and unhealthy but the colors are so bright. "The pain will go away but the colors will remain" - this phrase is truly as legendary, as his canvases.

"…When he was desperately poor, shared a bag of beans with Claude Monet and often could not afford paints, Renoir learnt to save paints and mix them just on his canvases. He had been doing that all his life: when he drew the portrait of a shoemaker’s wife for a pair of shoes and then when he became the Knight of the Legion of Honour and when he was old and paralyzed. First he trained to paint with his left hand and after, when his fingers became stiff, he asked to rope his brush to his hand. Though, his brushstrokes were always precise and accurate".
Alphonse Mucha: Paris and Slav Epic

You can see Alphonse Mucha in the movie dedicated to the process of the Slav Epic creation by the artist; please, pay special attention to the fragment in the middle of the film. Oh Paris!

Rodin is Walking, Rodin is Creating

Yes, I wear a beret. I am in a beret captured on the video. Denying everything unnecessary Rodin said: "Be patient! Do not rely on inspiration. No inspiration exists. The only virtues of an artist are wisdom, attention, sincerity and will. Do your job like honest workers do."

Henri Matisse: Applique Work as an Art
Let’s watch the video and see the way how he worked: "The paper which is scissored out helps me to paint with colors. My task is simplification. Instead of drawing a counter and filling it with colors I draw directly in colors … I have managed to achieve the shape stripped to the very heart".
That is why, the exhibition of the painter’s applique works, who had to scissor out because of his illness and inability of drawing, was reasonably held in 2014 in New York with a stunning success and reached stratospheric level in London!
Mark Cagall creates stained glass windows
"When the artist was seventeen years old, he switched to the monumental arts; he created mosaics, stained glass was fascinated by sculpture and decorated a lot of significant buildings like painting of a new ceiling for the Paris Opera by invitation of France’s Minister of Culture Andre Marlaux in 1964. Charles de Gaulle supported the candidature of Marc Chagall…" - read our lavishly illustrated "Guide Book, On Thin Ice of Stained Glass Windows" and video!
Picasso: a Jug, a Duck … Masterpieces
Different periods of creative work, different women and different genres and only one genius. A little magic for the beginning. Look at this exciting plastic arts! Peep into the exhibition "Pablo Picasso and Lee Miller: creative union in pictures and photos on the exhibition in Scotland"
The Mystery of Picasso movie (French: Le Mystère Picasso) was filmed in Nice in 1955. 78 minutes showing 15 paintings on the glass, their creation, transformation and destruction… The movie, directed by Henry-Georges Clouzot who had known Picasso since 1920s, won the Special Jury Prize at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. Moviegoers clip sliced the movie and here is one of them, a music video! By the way, not only movie goers did it: the Apple advertisement with Picasso has become well-known.
Rare photos and deeply moving and soul stirring music clip…
Salvador Dali: Surrealism
Surrealism (Fr. surréalisme) is an avant-garde art movement of the first half of the twentieth century characterized by the fusion of reality with something else, but not oppositional. Surrealism is a dream which is neither real, nor surreal. The style is characterized by allusions and a paradoxical combination of forms, visual deception. In the paintings of the Surrealists hard objects and rocks often melt, and the water, on the contrary, hardens. Read more
, it is about him!
There are a lot of film footages with Salvador Dali; just take the video with the egg only! Below you can find a footage, where the Great Mystifier creates his masterpiece of foil: just manual dexterity and no magical tricks!
However, paying tribute to the mind-blowing buffoonery of Dali even in the chocolate or Alka-Seltzer advertisements, we vote for the next video! Accustomed to some "demonic" image of Gala in Dali’s canvases and his counter intuitive statements about the Muse of all his life, we can see her simply laughing. Dali is extravagant as always and Gala is enjoying herself with all her heart. Just watch!

How could we avoid the watershed meeting? "Salvador Dali considered Walt Disney a surrealist and that is why maybe in 1946 the Great Mystifier collaborated with the Great animated cartoon artist. Viewers could watch the outcome only in 2003", — read and watch "Surrealism 3D: Dali, Disney, — Destino!"

Escher creates a woodcut: and the line is serpentizing!

"Escher's woodcuts" - these words became common. Let’s have a look how the master is working. At the same time we can compare him with his self portrait and visit "the Museum of impossibility in Hague, lizards and Escher-lizards" (plenty of photos, paintings and paradoxes).

Rene Magritte enjoys the reality
Rene Magritte enjoys the reality
  • Rene Magritte, Self Portrait
  • Rene and Georgette Magritte, 1929
Let’s find Rene Magritte on amusing "domestic videos" of 1920 s. They are funny. How much better the video with the aged and respectable master of Surrealism, speaking about art…
How many more exciting moments are granted by findings of rare footages of great painters! Andy Warhol, Alberto Giacometti and Joan Miro were also filmed. As they say, "to be continued…" in our further portions of videos with geniuses and exciting information.
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