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Magic fish

Painting, 1925, 77.1×98.4 cm

Description of the artwork «Magic fish»

Hermann Hesse in 1930 wrote one of the most mysterious and fantastic philosophical novels - "the Pilgrimage to the Country of the East." This is a story about the journey, beyond time and space to a land of childhood, which has no precise spatial coordinates. But there is a real travelers members invented Hesse Brotherhood. In the archives of the brotherhood was of record and on the artist Paul Klee. It looked like this: "Before me was a plate of gold induced enamel pattern, apparently extremely old, it was a picture of a Shamrock clover, one of the leaflets which represented the blue boat under sail, the second – fish in multicolor scales and the third looked like a telegram form, and on it read the words:
Snow bluer
Who is Paul, who is the glue."

About ships and the blue snow – it's other paintings Klee. Here, fish.

Fish Central leaf clover in archival card glue is one of my favorite images and objects for an intelligent meditation of the artist. It portrayed fish dozens of times – in the form of dismantled or Vice versa primitive the skeleton of the character in the form invisible prey fisherman as the main the object is some kind of fish-cooking lab as archaic monster.

Fish is one of the most ancient and rich characters-archetypes. In pre-Christian philosophy – the beginning of life on earth, the Christian symbol of the Savior, again gave life to all mankind. And this is just encyclopedic value. For Klee fish even more is the line in a perfect smooth motion, in motion was born.

Picture "The magic fish" brings together the three worlds – earth, sky and underwater – inside the deep dark undefined space. Here and fish, and flowers, and the clock tower, and the heavenly bodies, and man – when they were still in one piece. The dark background is painted over the colorful and bright this primitive mystery scratched, she Peeps through the main paint layer. According to critics of the Philadelphia Museum of fine diagonal stripes running to the clock tower, reminiscent of the contour of the thinnest curtain that promises to open even more mysteries when he is drawn aside.

The curtain in the picture definitely have it it is material – to all colors and Carpani the glue is pasted over the canvas a piece of muslin, its contours protrude above the surface of the painting.

"The magic fish" is one of those emotionally saturated paintings in which the presence of an invisible reality can be felt almost physically. Now fish will be on the surface in the correct sequence and will work a combination lock to a different, ethereal world.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova

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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Animalism, Mythological scene

Technique: Watercolor, Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1925

Size: 77.1×98.4 cm

Artwork in selections: 27 selections

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