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Still life with apples and oranges

Painting, 1900-th , 73×92 cm

Description of the artwork «Still life with apples and oranges»

In the biographical book on van Gogh "Lust for life" Irving stone tells the story of the apples of Cezanne, funny and sad. Father Tanguy the owner of an art shop, not only selling to the poor artists paints and brushes in debt, but bought them occasionally pictures, so they do not starve. Once he was in the shop a man came to ask about a painting by Cezanne on display in the window.

"A hundred francs? was disappointed buyer. A hundred francs for the painting of an unknown artist? I'm afraid that it's expensive. I could give him twenty-five francs.
Madame Tanguy took still life with window.
- Look, sir, it's a very big picture. Here are four Apple. Four apples are a hundred francs. You can spend only twenty-five. So why don't you buy the Apple one?
The buyer looked at the picture and thought, he said:
- Well, perhaps. Cut this Apple in all length of a cloth - buy it".

This story is probably legend, but very accurate and beautiful. Cezanne knew a handful of artists and a few Amateur collectors, and liked even less. If someone's got it now in the head to buy an Apple by Paul Cezanne, this madman still would have to be a millionaire. Cezanne loved apples: they have long maintained and not spoiled, they do not move, do not itch, do not sigh and do not violate the intended composition. For them it was easy to put a coin in one or two su – to place on the tablecloth in the right perspective. Neither the wife, nor son, nor friends, nor even cézanne himself did not write as often as apples. "I want to amaze Paris with an Apple", - said the artist.

The most amazing thing is what made Cezanne in his reclusive still life, writing during the long weeks in solitude is a sense of wholeness with absolute geometric "wrong." It is as if for each object created its own perspective, sending to hell Euclid and the Salon with its squeaky standards of correctness of art. In 1899, when cézanne says apples to oranges, floppy salon judges still not recovered from fainting caused by audacity Manet. Honorary exhibition in the hallowed halls of the Salon will take place only after 6 years, and "Olympia" transported to the Louvre just after 7. And then this crazy Provencal already throws the apples in the remaining canons of academic painting. He says that he sees the rays emanating from each object that "objects interpenetrate and complement, and never ceases to live... they understand each other so we, through looks and words". It will take some time and Picasso called cézanne his main and only teacher, whose paintings can be studied over the years.

Author: Anna Sidelnikova
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Still life

Style of art: Post-Impressionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1900-th

Size: 73×92 cm

Artwork in selections: 44 selections

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