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born in 1999 •
My name is Sofia, I was born in the largest city of the Far East of Russia - Khabarovsk. She graduated from a regular school in the usual program of 11 years. In 2017, I entered the university - the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. By education in 2 years I will be a lawyer, well, part-time translator of English and Japanese :) I get 2 diplomas at the same time, which is very, very happy. Since childhood, I could not be torn away from drawing and watching children's programs in English ..) For some time I played in a group, the music still attracts me, but nothing adds up to this .. The best thing for me is the moment is drawing. From childhood I transferred it to almost completely adulthood. I don’t know what awaits me in this area, I can only feel that there is still so much unexplored and untested by me .. This adds even more interest and desire to develop. The most important thing is that from such a fascination as drawing one can learn a lot of useful things, including learning to pay attention to trifles, learn to love oneself and everything around, learn to feel this life and have fun.
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