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born in 1976 •
Svetlana Rafalevna Medvetskaya (Lana Medvetskaya) was born into a family of professional artists (dad is the main artist of the city of Almetyevsk, mother is a drawing teacher), and therefore, it became quite obvious that, despite the fact that the first profession was not connected with art, already mature years, she began to be interested in painting, to attend lectures, to take private lessons, became a student of the Stroganov Traditions Academy of Arts at the Moscow Art Theater named after S.G. Strogonov, became a member of both Russian and foreign plein airs.
At the moment, she has already completed more than 40 joint and five solo exhibitions.
Painting, applied art, author's doll - the range of expressive means of this author is wide. Art for Medvetskaya is a way to understand how the world works, and how we ourselves are made.
Lana Medvetskaya didn’t come to painting right away, she walked through design and arts and crafts and developed a conscious understanding and experience of expressing her thoughts in an artistic way. However, the different directions of her work cannot be compared. Each technique reveals the very special features of the author.
How meticulous and precise, detailed and complex are the decorative objects in her performance, the painting of Lana is just as natural and light. When looking at the landscape or still life of this original artist, there is an illusion of lightness, almost instantaneous creation of this work, so paint quickly and confidently lays down with large strokes on the canvas, creating its own rhythm, reflecting the breath of nature, the movement of elements, involving the viewer in an almost tactile dialogue with the world pictures.
Explicitly inspired by the heritage of impressionism, Medveckaya is moving in an expressive stream of emotions and impressions. Each canvas is not only a geographical and temporary point, but also a fixation of state and mood. In these stopped moments, the fact of the interaction of man and nature is always present, for example, landscapes convey, not so much the state of nature, but the mood of the viewer and the artist. Bold combinations of pure and open colors with deep dark shades, contrast and a sense of the presence of light distinguish this author and create their appeal and comprehensibility to a wide audience.
For the artist Medvetskaya, it is important to be within the framework of art for people, as the response of the general public is the best incentive for creativity.
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    Лана Медвецкая -художник, живописец, посол международного арт-проекта Painted Equator (Рисованный Экватор), член Союза художников РТ, член ТСХР. Родилась в 1976 году в семье профессиональных художников. Продолжая семейную традицию, является пятым поколением, связавшим свою жизнь с искусством. Ученица академика, профессора Народного художника РФ, доктора искусствоведения - Козорезенко П.П. (Строгоновские традиции). Участница как Российских, так и зарубежных пленэров. Имеет богатый опыт как совместных, так и персональных выставок. Ее работы находятся в частных коллекциях не только российских собирателей, но и Японии, Европы и Америки. "При взгляде на пейзаж или натюрморт этого самобытного художника возникает иллюзия легкости, почти мгновенности создания этой работы, так уверенно и бегло ложится краска крупными мазками на холст, создавая свой ритм, отражая дыхание природы, движение стихий, вовлекая зрителя в почти тактильный диалог с миром картины. Явно вдохновляясь наследием импрессионизма, Медвецкая движется
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