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Alexandrovich Kolosov

Nizhniy Novgorod 
born in 1957 •
Born in 1957 in the village of Sorokino near the Tyumen region.
In the 50s he moved to the city of Kerch in the Crimea, where he spent his youth.
He started drawing from a very young age, first toy soldiers, at school - illustrations for Pushkin's fairy tales, and then began to work out his own stories.
In 1981, he served in the Black Sea Fleet for three years. Having returned, he entered the Odessa Theater and Art College. Trying to make up for the missed years, he studied with great zeal, he graduated from college ahead of schedule, having studied for three years instead of four.
In 1984 he moved to Nizhny Novgorod, fell in love with these distances and nature as soon as he saw them.
Worked since 1984 - artist-decorator of the Nizhny Novgorod State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. A.S. Pushkin, then, from 1985 - at the Nizhny Novgorod Theater of the Young Spectator, from 1999 to 2003 - the production designer of the Stepanov Chamber Music Theater.
Having worked in theaters for more than 19 years, finally in 2003 he was able to completely devote himself to painting.
One of my first series of my paintings was - “Mushroom season”. Then came the fantastic and mythological stories. It was Nizhny Novgorod that gave me a powerful charge for ideas. I got inspiration from rivers, small streets, from almost anywhere.

In 1995, with a team of like-minded people, they founded the club of Nizhny Novgorod irrealist artists - “Wanderers”. Since 1986, participates in city, regional, national and foreign exhibitions (Belgium, Germany, Czechoslovakia, England, Canada, Spain).
1990 - Exhibitions of theater artists.
1993 - the picturesque series "Mushroom Season".
1993 - personal exhibition "Cosmic mushrooms."
Since 1993 - personal exhibitions in Nizhny Novgorod and the region.
In 1993-1996 - member of the Union of Theater Workers of Russia.
C 1994 - Member of the International Union of Artists.
Since 1995 - a member of the club of artists-unrealists "Wanderers".
From 1999 to 2003, he was the production designer of the Chamber Musical Theater named after Stepanova.
He designed about two hundred books - fairy tales, science fiction, novels.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia.
Works in the technique of incisor engraving, etching, pastel, oil.
Subjects of works: ancient Slavic mythology, fairy tales, fiction (fantasy), mysticism.
Art historians have identified the style of Kolosov with the new term “irrealism”.
Works are in museums of Nizhny Novgorod and private collections in Russia, England, Germany, Spain, Canada, USA.
  • About me
    Пишу в технике резцовой гравюры, офорта, пастели, масляной живописи. Тематика работ: древне — славянская мифология, сказка, фантастика. Занимаюсь творчеством всю свою жизнь. Мои работы не иллюстрируют известные сказочные сюжеты, как это может показаться на первый взгляд. Фантастические миры, которые я создаю очень индивидуальны, но находят отклик как у профессионалов, так и у зрителей, обычно не интересующихся искусством.
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