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Portrait of a neurologist and psychiatrist V. M. Bekhterev

Painting, 1913, 107×78 cm

Description of the artwork «Portrait of a neurologist and psychiatrist V. M. Bekhterev»

Ilya Efimovich Repin had a special weakness for men of science. "Oh, how I love scientists!.. – he exclaims in his memoirs. – For me personally, in the middle of nowhere where there are no educated people, attacked by hopeless longing... Longing for intelligent, scholar".

When around 1900, Repin settled in the Land estate in the village of Kuokkala on the Gulf of Finland – miss, he did not have: to visit him reached not only writers, artists and musicians, but also famous scientists. With physiologist Ivan Pavlov and the psychiatrist and neurologist Vladimir Bekhterev Repin was friends and the words of Kornei Chukovsky, "had a period of love" – were in the creative life Repin those moments when someone's appearance and personality made him an exciting experience and Repin looked at the man loving eyes. And so it went until, until he was to paint a portrait or a genre with the participation of the person who caused impulsive Ilya Efimovich pure delight.

Sessions to Repin, academician Vladimir Bekhterev often came mortally tired. He is so hard worked that at the end of the day, often became distracted and sleepy. Bekhterev's son-in-law many years later, told tales about such cases:

"Bekhterev took patients up to 2 hours a night (for him as a celebrity attracts patients from all parts of Russia) and was so stunned after midnight, with up to heart of the patient, mentioned, as awake:
– The phone is academician Bekhterev, who are you?"

How to Wake spondylitis?

In 1913, the year when this was written, this portrait, Bekhterev, like Repin, lived on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, near the current Smolyachkovo settlement. His cottage Tikhiy Bereg was located thirty miles away from Repin "Penates". Spondylitis youngest daughter Mary recalled how they went to Repin several times during the summer, on horseback, in loose Sands along the coast of the Gulf, and he certainly visited Ilya Efimovich August 2 – Elijah's day, his birthday.

Whether the summer of that year was too hot, or Bekhterev devoted too much time on his scientific pursuits, but, having arrived to Repin and comfort for posing, the great psychiatrist very soon began to nod and sank into slumber. Wife Repina Natalia laughed. "Cover your brow and sleep!" was all she said.

Repin at first didn't want to disturb spondylitis and on tiptoe left the Studio. The trouble is that when the scientist woke up, it was getting dark, and continue to work without daylight was impossible.

And then then came up with the exit – to call his young friend Korney Chukovsky (he lived in Kuokkala in the neighborhood), who have often had to "assist" the artist, his models, entertaining conversations, and sometimes, in agreement with Repin, purposely pulling in a serious dispute, to the people opened up and expressed emotions began to get excited, but Repin was able to grasp the most characteristic facial expressions.

How to get to sleep Chukovsky?

One of the favorite topics of conversation Repin with Bekhterev was become fashionable in educated circles "hypnotism". Shortly before that, in 1911, the year Bekhterev published a monograph "Hypnosis, suggestion, and hypnotherapy and its therapeutic value", and, of course, the work of the outstanding scientist further spurred interest in mysterious phenomenon. Repin showed hypnosis is vivid curiosity that I asked Bekhterev to hypnotize Chukovsky.

Many years later in his diaries Chukovsky will remember in the summer of 1913 he went to "Wake" spondylitis, and that has not been "put to sleep":

"Prof. Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev – always sleepy, loose Mordvin dense eyebrows, big beard.... When Repin painted his portrait, I, at the request of the artist came into the Studio to excite spondylitis, so he finally fell asleep during the session. After lunch Repin told the Professor that I suffer from insomnia, and asked him to cure me with hypnosis. Bekhterev was opisyval melon and mumbled incoherently that I agree. Immediately after lunch in the workshop Repin was a seat, I with faith and hope sat down in it, Bekhterev drew from his pocket some shining thing, raised above my head and asked me to stare at her. I watched as he muttered a sleepy voice: "And when you put your head on the pillow, you relax your muscles and remember me" (something like that). I, as it turned out, not at all susceptible to hypnosis, and then as luck would Bekhterev from eating melons (molecules which remained in his beard) became a regular intervals to hiccup. He was so good "and when, IR!, remember me, IR!". All of this made me laugh, but I was just being polite stifled, especially after I noticed that Ilya Efimovich, do blagogovenie to science, goes around the chair on tiptoe. I even wanted to pretend to be asleep, but I did not succeed, because all the time I wanted to snort".

Portrait in the spirit of impressionism

In the portrait of Repin spondylitis resorted to a technique that is different from his earlier realist portraits. It uses a long and seemed a little grubby smear, thus interpreting and adapting to your needs the technique of the Impressionists. Igor Grabar in his two volumes on the works of Repin notes: "The portrait was written with the idea to finish it in one session, which, however, failed. Head had a lot of trouble before it took its final form. Painting it has features inspired by the Impressionists".

The portrait is kept in the Russian Museum, and his author's copy – in the memorial Museum of V. M. Bekhterev Psychoneurological Institute in the.

Author: Anna Yesterday

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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Impressionism, Realism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1913

Size: 107×78 cm

Artwork in selections: 14 selections

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