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Tbilisi born in 1983 artist
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About me
Ia Re  Artist, illustrator, designer. A young contemporary artist working in Tbilisi, Georgia. Painting and finding a relationship between colours. capturing a moment using colour to create vibrant or dramatic work. For me, Art is the substantial, desperate attempt to understand the world, life and death.
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Ekaterina Viktorovna Osipovich. May flowers
5 000 ₽
May flowers
Ekaterina Viktorovna Osipovich
2017, 4.2×3 cm
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Persephone Saved. Angler
2 500 ₽
Ксения Михайловна Стеценко. Tea party
3 000 ₽
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Ia RE. Purple Light
Purple Light
2018, 50×60×2 cm
Ia RE. Blue house
Blue house
2018, 50×60×2 cm
Ia RE. "Hold On"
"Hold On"
2017, 80×60×0.1 cm
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