One never knows where to start… just go ahead and what will be will be.
A few years ago I was invited to a friend’s house for a party. My first glance at one of the paintings on the wall struck me like lightening in an open field. I stared and stared and could not take my eyes off the magnificent piece. The painting was alive and “spoke” to me in a gentle whisper “this should be continued”, “people need to see and feel it for themselves”, “there is more in me …look deeper, feel stronger, think harder…”. This was my first acquaintance with Alexandra Fridman’s art.
Being a friend of an artist is quite a complex thing. At first, you think you may not be objective as you love your friends unconditionally. So, when it comes to their creative work, a tiny concern takes place: “Am I the only one excited?”, “Will others share my feelings of excitement?” and so on and so forth. But the feeling in me was too strong and it became very obvious that I absolutely had to have these magic pieces around my home. I shared my feelings and thoughts with Alexandra and my very first collection of original acrylic on canvas abstract works was born.
The huge wave of success came shortly after, when a large group of friends couldn’t stop looking at my paintings hanging around the house and immediately wanted to order a few pieces for themselves. And the show continues! Nowadays, we are preparing for our first art fair and have registered for a few art contests in Europe.
Alexandra’s abstract paintings are textured with thick layers of acrylic paint layered on top of one another. This thick layers of acrylic create a natural cracking effect. Application of the unique technique – invented exclusively by Alexandra - makes all her paintings look intense in color combinations. They express powerful emotions that have a tendency to change, depending on lighting, framing and background.
Alexandra moved away from conventional techniques and subject matters to better express subjective emotional reality in her art practice. Hence, her paintings are abstract and simultaneously express the artist’s inner state of mind and the universal truths of human condition.
Alexandra Fridman is a brand new name in contemporary abstract expressionism. All her works are the combination of emotional intensity and human condition in a spontaneous, subconscious creation. A professionally trained interior designer, Alexandra studied history of fine arts and works of the great masters, “Art pillars of the XX century”, in international art and design schools of London, New York, Moscow and Rome. A passionate traveler, she finds her inspiration in the urban beauty of Singapore, Bilbao, Zurich, Amsterdam and other places around the globe.