Lo Amelia Richter

Essay about the picture by Oleg Mingalev "Foremother of all Indo-Europeans", also known as "Mavki" (1997-2000, oil, canvas)

The ability of the artist constantly to transform a life energy into a new spiritual space, finding its embodiment in color, line, image and idea - is undoubtedly one of the greatest faculties of human intelligence and Spirit.

The artist gives us the possibility to be immersed, sometimes irrationally in the process of direct, fresh sensing feelings, tasting the world, can take part in the delightful feast of the co-creation process.

In this painting the artist uses the force and power of the smallest unit of information in the painting - a point, shaped pixel ...
A point in the painting is a colour sound, a vibrating note and, at the same time, a flow of the colour Wave tightly fixed on the canvas...

Colour points generate their own specific combinations, running into a different color spots. These spots are rhythmically exploded in the relevant emotive images, making a qualitative magic leap that in turn has its own metaphysical sense. And ... the picture begins to live its own life, bringing into reality the phenomenon of a Miracle.

A vibrating, glimmering Sea of Colours ...

A magical illusion of movement, a static, continuous pulsation appearing due to the perception of the play colors by means of our seeing, and a mathematically calibrated rhythm of their combinations.

Holistic, lively and informationally data-intensive painting
has its own aroma, recognizabled by each of us, kindred to us, the descendants of the ancient Indo-European Civilization.

Female images in the picture personify sacral energies of Shakti. They hold sacred eggs in their hands - symbols of the ancient Indo-European civilization.

Young maidens symbolize a beauty and eternal spring renewal of life. They emerge from nonexistence and dissolving in it. They disintegrate to the shining particles and components, but also keeping their forms and spiritual content, humbly realizing their place in the harmonious world around them. They hold the spirit of the people, traditions and language as the basic structures of the existence of the ethnic group.
Fragile keepers of the Kins ....

Giving birth and dying ....

Holding in their hands Death and Immortality ...

Carrying the cross and the beauty of their individual fates, their burden and greatness ... - going through the time together and individually.
These maidens symbolizing the evolution and revolution are a quantum leap (each time thanks to the Child's Birth that is the essence of Vision of the Future in the everlasting chain of generations of Race Spirit bearers).They feel with their bodies and souls a smoking precipice between freedom of choice and necessity. Wisely understanding and taking the sacral meaning of the Cycle of life and Death they realize a total transformation of human being, carrying the information of
Family-Ethnos-Nation–Civilization as a magic crystal.
In the space of the picture is codified a powerful stratum of notional codes, helping to the full disclosure of its images, archetypes. Analyzing the concept of this work, you can understand the echoes of the influence of the creative work of the Masters of other periods, deeply reexamined by the author who started this tradition and mutual supplement the common structure of the Logos (Knowledge). Of course, we would like to see the sources of this unique spiritual succession. You can read them in the book by Oleg Mingalev "Mysteries. The key of immortality ", a passage of which is presented here directly from the original text for the attentive reader, seeking and initially interested in the topic of interpretation and recreation of the Tradition.
"... In this secret and superior knowledge was manifested the greatness of the elders and the prophets, charismatic personalities with a high constant of vibration-emanation of that spirituality, when the more" subtle " always wins the more" rough ".

... Let us sum up: in this secret knowledge was the secret of art of the great priests, scholars, poets and artists having the level of Hermes Trismegistus (the formula for of the qualities of universalism), Zarathustra (the formula for nobility, majesty and triumph over low, degenerative),
Khlebnikov (the formula of creation, poetry as a spontaneous act of the clairvoyance-divination, neoshamanism),
Leonardo da Vinci (icon of the angel - androgyne), high spiritual creatures having the spiritual level,
Andrei Rublev (an absolute plastic icon of the Lord God, Trinity, Absolute), Van Gogh (still life-icon- "Sunflowers"),
of the painters: Repin (icon of the social prototype),
Shishkin (icon of Russian monumental landscape),
Kuindzhi (icon of the moon landscape),
Krymov (icon of summer), Rylov (landscape-ikon, a bird's-eye view), Surikov (icon of epic, of History - drama),
Boecklin (icon of philosophy as a doctrine of death),
Hodler (monumental icon of everlasting dance rhythms of the Mystery of life and the Courage of the ascent to the Superman) ,
Vrubel (icon of Fate),
Filonov (icon of alchemy of the subconsciounsness, molecular atomic rising to the Social, Molecular socialism),
Kandinsky (icon of Visualization, Plastics of Music of Subconsciousness of the World and Global (Overworld) or Spiritual),
Malevich (color ikon image of Transcendental, Universal, Generalized (Generic), Synthesized),
Bulgakov (icon image of Love, winning the Hell),
Sherstyuk (icon of still life of the mossy rotting vegetables, Meditation of Death),
Mingalev (icon of illusion of Mirror, the mysteries of Dualism),
of sculptors: Phidias (icon of Harmony of Man and Society, the Synthesis of architecture and sculpture),
Thorvaldsen (icon of Moods, Classical Romanticism),
Hildebrandt (icon of the Absolute style of Classicism as a manifestation of the balanced harmonic person),
Rodin (icon of Philosophy by means of Sculpture),
Mukhina (icon of Superman or Titan as the quintessence - emblem of Nietzsche),
Dali (icon of the Metaphysical surrealistic landscape of Sunset of Europe, eternal film-illustration of Breton’s poem "Magnetic Fields"),
and poets: Dante (icon of Miracle of Divine Love, filling worlds),
Petrarch (icon of Lyrical Feeling, connected with the environment),
Goethe and his successor Bulgakov (icon of Master),
philosopher Jose Ortega Gasset with his “Dehumanization of the art» - the manifest of avant-gardism, acting as a catalyst of social stratification on the feeling mediocre and stagnating in naturalism of thinking mass and cultural elite of Elected -Inventors of the formerly non-existent things, and because the bearers of image of the future,
of composers: Bach (ornamental- symmetric meditation of Confession of the Nobleman),
Vivaldi (icon of Declaration of Love),
Handel (icon of celebration of Grandeur and Glory),
Wagner (icon of the greatness of Heroism),
Musorgsky (meditation of something Miraculous or Genius),
Prokofiev (meditation of the Pranks of Genius),
Orff (meditation of the offering of Mysteries),
Holst (meditation of Olympus , House of the Gods, Cosmism, regal Astrology), group Pink Floyd (meditation of Paradigm and Drama of Civilization and Nature) ... "

So we can say that the existence of this spiritual dataway – trunk, line, body of Names respected by us (It is very rich in ripe fruit on the branches of the tree of knowledge of this civilization), indicates about the multidimensionality and large scale of the theme of the origins of spirituality of the great Indo-European Tradition.
Particularly we all are pleased and encouraged by the fact of availability of the vertical of succession coming from the depths of thousands, synthesizing common achievements of the European Masters, synergistically mutual enriching the whole of European culture, forming something new, inevitably coming ethnospace in the network of European Noosphere (that thin higher level of ideas), and we all are Its thankful students, successors and co-creators.