“However, behind the apparent abstractionism elements of ancient Tripoli culture (at the territory of the modern Ukraine, Moldova and Romania) is a deep spiritual practice in the sense of lost the ability to control the time of reunification with the information field, thus the ideal of Plato, that are the archetypes of Jung's taken out of the collective unconscious through the pursuit of proper meditation or ritual rules”.
“Surrealism, with its respectful attitude, and in fact, the cultivation of a state of madness, scratched the surface in agreement with the magical practices of these shamans only. This trend has not caused the wide public love ... with its orientation toward automaticity letters and images to search similarities of most distant from each other concepts”.
“And yet, the metaphysical traditions of the twentieth century have invaluable experience in the latest reincarnation, holistic and objective style, which, like the child looking at this utterly corrupt world in the cycle of total rush - of another ideal, like the back side of the moon.
This ideal can be expressed, for example, in music with mathematical precision by the relations of duration of notes and intervals harmony administered by literally sacred geometry.
Yet, the problem of objectivist style of art, which we call Narrativism – self-forgetfully to cherish childhood, which was able to carry through years of losses and maneuvers - without which it can not be an invaluable experience.
Oleg Mingalev, Manifest of Narrativism (fragments, 2014)
Translation from Ukrainian by Tatiana Voronkova