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Exhibition October 23 − December 23, 2016
Pervyya exhibition in our gallery
In 1955 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the eminent Danish physicist and public figure, one of the founders of modern physics Niels Bohr, in Denmark was established the international medal of his name (DAT. Niels Bohr-medaljen). Prize awarded in the years 1955-1982 Danish engineering society[da] those scientists or engineers who have made a significant contribution to the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The medal was awarded every three years and were awarded 10 people, nine of them (all except John Wheeler) was the Nobel prize); the first medal was awarded himself Niels Bohr[1].

In 1985, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Niels Bohr UNESCO established the Gold medal of Niels Bohr (eng. UNESCO Niels Bohr Gold Medal). It is awarded physicist who made significant contributions to the development of science, as well as those researchers whose activity has or may have a significant impact on our world. The medal was created by Swedish sculptor SIV Hill-Moses and minted by the Paris mint; it shows repeated six times profile of Niels Bohr[2].
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