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Erarta Museum of Modern Art presents an exhibition of Alexey Andreev"The movement of the worlds".

In the exposition you can see the artist’s works in the genre of digital painting, in the style of science fiction with elements of naturalism.

Alexey Andreev is a Russian artist working in the technique of digital painting and using virtual and augmented reality technologies in his work.

The artist’s creativity is rooted in the applied sphere of design and illustration, and more precisely in concept art. It is akin to the art of the future, because concept art is engaged in modeling what does not exist, for example, the art world of a series or a game. The element of Andreev is fantastic. By the early 2000s, it ceased to be considered a marginal genre and took a strong place in the cultural space.

A metaphor that defines fiction as an unconscious culture, characterizes the somewhat sentimental world of Andreev. In the landscapes depicted by the artist, the contemporary technocrat should be very comfortable: they allow you to revive the long-forgotten sensations in your memory - remember what it feels like to go in the heat in a bus without air conditioning or to dive from a rusty beam sticking out of the water. In the author’s dynamic works, the past and the future collide, the earthly and the extraterrestrial: at the moment of the collision, the movement of the worlds starts - already in the viewer's imagination.

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