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Erarta Museum of Modern Art holds an exhibition of Lucy Voronova"Garden of Eden".

The exhibition features paintings by a Moscow authorLyudmila Vladimirovna Voronova (Lucy Voronova).

The author’s appeal in his work to the poetics of naive art is an invitation to the vast world of a little man living in a strange garden of paradise. Lucy Voronova's works are full of trepidation and sincerity of an open utterance, permeated with an unusual expressiveness of simplicity; They are distinguished by pure color, clear contours and impeccable rhythm. The artist’s manner is far from stylization - it naturally grows out of decorative and applied art and is close to its nature. The characters of Lucy Voronova’s paintings are women, flowers, birds, as if immersed in an endless field of life. Each work of the artist is a small story about a person, a visual story filled with a sense of joy.

Based on the official website Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art.