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Exhibition October 29, 2019 − January 12, 2020
Princes Yusupov and Tsvetaevsky Museum
To the 100th anniversary of the State Museum-Estate "Arkhangelsk" Pushkin Museum im. A.S. Pushkin presents a chamber exhibition"Princes Yusupov and Tsvetaevsky Museum".

The exhibition presents materials from the collections of the State Museum of Fine Arts named after A.S. Pushkin, the State Museum-Estate "Arkhangelsk", the State Research Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Shchusev, State Historical Museum and the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts.

The exhibition tells about the significant contribution of Princes Yusupov - Princess Zinaida Nikolaevna and Prince Felix Felixovich to the creation of the Museum of Fine Arts at Moscow University (now the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts). For familiarization, visitors are offered documentary materials on the progress of the museum’s arrangement, paintings by Italian, Dutch and French masters from the Yusupov collection, as well as copies of ancient frescoes created by the artist Fedor Reiman in 1900.

Based on the official websiteThe Pushkin Museum. A.S. Pushkin.