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Exhibition 2 − November 20
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Sculpture of small shapes and tapestry
Museum of Actual Realism presents an all-Russian exhibition"Sculpture of small forms and tapestry".

The project provides a unique opportunity to see about 100 sculptural works and 60 tapestries by both the largest masters of the country and young authors. The works presented at the exposition are diverse in genres, manner of execution and themes: portraits, compositional works, plastic objects, animalistics, medal art, orthodox sculpture.

Among the participants are the largest contemporary sculptors of Russia, including academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts A.N. Burganov, A.N. Kovalchuk, G.I. Pravotorov, D.N. Tugarinov, A.B. Balashov, M.V. Dronov, V.B. Soskiev, as well as corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Arts V.I. Korneev and S.V. Gavin. In total, the project involves 119 authors of two types of art.

The exhibition is devoid of thematic "assignment". The works presented at the exposition are diverse in genres, manner of performance and, for the most part, highly professional. Sculpture and tapestry are harmoniously combined and, in a certain sense, complement, emphasize each other's merits. Both sculpture and tapestry are wonderful, spectacular forms of art, they can organically enter our life, making it more beautiful and giving moments of pleasure to be beautiful.

Based on site materialsMuseum of Actual Realismand siteRussian Academy of Arts (PAX).