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Exhibition August 14 − September 12, 2017
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Quintus Hortensius, Hortal (lat. Quintus Hortensius Hortalus, the second half 114 — June 50 BC) — Roman politician and orator of the plebeian kind Gortenzii, Consul 69 BC Belonged to the "party" optimates, but in the civil wars between Salantai and mariantoni was not involved, and when marenzi took Rome (87 BC), remained in the city. In the 70s BC began his political career, the pinnacle of which was in 69 BC the Consulate. As Consul, Quintus Hortensius refused the governorship in Macedonia and command in the war against the Cretan pirates, and then began to move away from politics.

The career of the orator Quintus Hortensius began in 95 BC, He participated in a number of lawsuits as a defender and some time (87-82 and 74-70 BC) was considered the most outstanding master of eloquence in Rome. Defeated in the case of Verres in 70 BC, Gortal yielded Mark Tullius Cicero. Nevertheless, almost until his death, he appeared in court, most often as a colleague of Cicero to protect.
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