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Exhibition May 10 − September 7, 2020
Monet and Chicago
Exhibition "Monet and Chicago"explores Chicago's pioneering relationship with the great artist-impressionist. Among more than 65 paintings - from the exemplary collections of the Art Institute and respected Chicago collections - are well-known works, as well as rare still lifes, figurative scenes and landscapes.

Throughout his long career as an artist, from the early cartoons made in Le Havre to the last magnificent paintings inspired by his garden and a water lily pond in Giverny, the exposition gives visitors a complete picture of Chicago's current relationship with the artist and a better understanding of his working methods.
Galleries at the exhibition
1905, 81×105 cm
1910-th , 200×200.7 cm
1918, 103.2×201.9 cm
All artworks at the exhibition