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Exhibition September 13 − December 1
Primrose. Early color in Russian photography
Murmansk Regional Art Museum in the halls of the department of folk art and crafts holds an exhibition"Primrose. Early color in Russian photography ".

Visitors are presented more than 70 works from the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow.

The exhibition with the metaphorical name "Primrose", demonstrates the appearance and development of color in Russian photography in the 1860-1970s and at the same time is the history of Russia in photography. On the examples of works by both the classics of Russian photography: Peter Pavlov, Karl Bergamasco, Alexander Eichenwald, Alexander Rodchenko, Vladislav Mikosh, George Petrusov, Dmitry Baltermants, Boris Mikhailov and others, as well as unknown authors - you can trace how life has changed in the country over the course of a century surviving historical and socio-political disasters.

Based on site materialsMurmansk Regional Art Museum.