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Exhibition August 21 − November 17
Julio Le Park. Transition Buenos Aires-Paris (1955-1959)
The National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires hosts the exhibition “Julio Le Park. The Buenos Aires-Paris transition (1955-1959). ” The exhibition presents the early works of the great Argentine artist. This is more than a hundred paintings, drawings, watercolors and prints, some of them have never been exhibited. The master explores the realm of visibility, movement, light and the relationship between the work and the viewer.

“The exhibition demonstrates the artist’s transition from scholastic drawings and figures to sequence and geometry,” said Andres Duprat, director of the museum.

Julio Le Parc (1928, Argentina) - artist, pioneer of kinetic and optical art, founder and member of GRAV (Visual Art Research Group), laureate of the 1966 Venice Grand Biennale of Painting. His numerous and diverse works are imbued with the spirit of search and experiment.
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