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One of the greatest British artists, J.M. Turner lived and worked at the peak of the industrial revolution. Steam replaced the sail; machine power replaced by labor; political and social reforms transformed society.

Many artists ignored these achievements, but Turner faced these new challenges. Exhibition "Turner and the modern world"will show how the artist updated the language of art to produce frank interpretations of contemporary objects.

Starting from the 1790s, when Turner first saw the effects of modern life, the exhibition will follow his fascination with new industry and technology, right up to his famous paintings of steam boats and railway engines of the 1840s. The exhibition also examines the artist’s participation in the Napoleonic War and other important political events of his life, including the Reform Act of 1832 and the campaign against slavery.

This landmark exhibition will bring together Turner's major works from around the world. It will look at what it means to be a contemporary artist and present an exciting new perspective on Turner's work and life.
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