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Exhibition July 6 − August 10
Osa Bjork and Fabio Modik. Body and feelings
Gallery Whitestone in Hong Kong presents a joint exhibition "Body and feelings". The exhibition includes works by Icelandic contemporary glass artist Osa Bjork and Italian painter Fabio Modica. This is a demonstration of works expressing emotional states and feelings of a person.

Osa Bjork - visual artist working with glass and new media. Born in Reykjavik, he studied at the glass department of Edinburgh College of Art. He founded an experimental and sculpted glass studio S12 in Norway. The master explores the complex duality between the inner and outer layers of human perception through a series of experimental works, including photographs, videos and glass objects.

Fabio Modica was born in Catania in 1978. Pupil of famous Italian artists Alberto Abate and Francesco Schiaalf. His work can be attributed to the classical style of the Renaissance with random references to Greek and Roman mythology. Creativity of the master finds new expressive means in acrylic, watercolors and experimental mixed techniques.