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Exhibition November 27, 2013
At stake mystical paintings of Russian artists
Despite the fact that the existing legislation is not conducive to the moving of works of art in Ukraine and abroad, however, Catherine McDougal conducts periodic demonstration of lots, because the ranks of buyers thin out and not according to her, even stronger every year, and the growth of prices for Russian art are still ahead, especially on top of work. This time large-scale canvases to Kiev has not reached the Ukrainian connoisseurs presented masterpieces by Boris Grigoriev, Sergei Vasilkovsky, Konstantin Korovin, Igor Grabar, Stepan Kolesnikov and Joseph bokshay.
Upcoming auctions Catherine McDougall calls the "mystical". Because that will be exhibited canvases of the masters, for which the topics of the unknown, the divine was not peculiar, and because some of the works reveal unknown pages of Russian painting.
One of the top lots is positioned philosophical and symbolist painting "Angels" Leonid Chupyatov (800000-1,200000 GBP), dated 1922. Indeed, the theme of angels in the country, the victory of the proletarian revolution with iconoclastic ideology is perceived as very bold, if not desperate. The name of Leonid Chupyatova, the most prominent of the followers of the school of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin was not on the lips of collectors of Russian art until recently. The artist and his creative legacy suffered a tragic fate: early death in the first years of the war and a fire in the Studio destroyed the work. No wonder the joy of Katherine, when she fell into the hands of such a powerful energy and color saturation of the canvas. The appearance of works by this artist at auction – the event is truly unprecedented, due to the fact that the creative heritage of the artist is limited to a few dozens of works, most of which are in museums.

Attention will be attracted by the mysterious work of Nicholas Roerich "the Dzong in the evening" (60 000-90 000 GBP). Up to this day, there was documentary evidence of a visit to the Roerich Lhasa. As you know, his Tibetan expedition tried several times to get permission, but to no avail. Some city views he painted from photographs. However, this modest (33х41 cm) the painting suggests that he saw the Palace-the residence of the Dalai Lama personally.

A bit out of context of the creativity of Heinrich Semiradsky monumental painting "the Temptation of St. Jerome" (500000-1,000000 GBP), in the beginning of XX century belonged to famous Polish magnates and collectors Siblerud. Siemiradzki was popular, primarily due to academic subjects. "Love him without saints, commented Catherine. – Would be less (pattern) and no angels and would cost more expensive".

A huge "Allegorical composition" Mikhail Zichy (210х110 cm) opens up another side of creativity of the chronicler of the Royal court (the favorite of the two emperors). The artist was popular because it supplied the yard with drawings of erotic and satirical content. Presents painting inspired by the poem "angel" and biblical motifs highly spiritual content, and one of the rare works that come onto the market. Estimate– 320 000 – 50 000 GBP .

A special place is a unique Leon Bakst painting "Bathers on the Lido. Venice" (500,000–700,000 GBP), depicting the legendary dancer Vladimir Nijinsky. This is the only picture from the five works remaining in private hands and acquired through the niece of the artist. The painting was created during the stay of the artists of "Russian seasons" in Venice in 1909. The global triumph of the Russian ballet, the tragedy of a brilliant dancer was still ahead, and Nijinsky companions happily enjoyed life. Bakst because he didn't like to bathe, he all the time was devoted to drawing.

"Peak sober Savrasov" was described by Katherine McDougall's work, "the Cabin in the winter woods" painted by Alexei Savrasov (350 000 – 500 000 GBP) can be seen only in London. Romantic winter landscape Catherine discovered personally in a private French collections, which were created in the 1920-ties, its owner simple French engineer on his salary could buy a lot of good Russian painting.
Sensation will be the appearance on the market of a number of rare works, for the first time in a long time who left private hands. Among them is incredibly sophisticated, influenced by the style of European modernism "Portrait of a stranger" Isaac Brodsky (600,000–900,000 GBP), whose works of this period are rarely seen outside Museum collections. For some time there was a version that the artist has depicted the wife of Lunacharsky. But, as a result of a small study revealed that the heroine of the canvas - Odessa socialite E. M. Samuelson.

As for the Ukrainian Thong, admirers of Russian art will be offered monumental painting of the famous Ukrainian painter of seascapes Mikhail Tkachenko "Meeting of Tsar Nicholas II and French President Armand Falera in Cherbourg, 31 July 1909" (150,000–200,000 GBP), established in 1910 by order of the Royal house. The particular importance of this work is confirmed by the fact that a year later, to mark this memorable meeting, the Russian Emperor gave it to the President Faliero. This made the picture a true symbol of friendship between the two countries, as later wrote enthusiastically of the French and Russian press. "We have sold gifts Khrushchev, Gorbachev. And, now - Imperial...", - not without pride, said the organizer of the auction.

The most expensive lot, which was brought to Kiev - "self-Portrait with rooster and hen" by Boris Grigoriev (600,000–900,000 GBP) from the series "Faces of Russia". Without this work, there was not a single exhibition of artist abroad, where he had many fans. In his work the author sought to Express "the essence of the Slavic soul". In America it was called "the great demand". For the Russian cycle he posed many actors of Russian theatres. The work is aesthetically designed in the spirit of the tradition of Russian portrait painting of the 17th century. The artist has depicted himself in the traditional Russian shirt. It is close to the hen, the rooster and the dog.
The London auction house MacDougall's in the top three market leaders in the world of Russian art for 1912 (22 % of total sales) and is the absolute leader in the number of top lots (each over £ 1 million). The owner of the auction house expressed confidence in the success of the upcoming auction and no doubt that the Russian art has not yet reached its limit. "Came a new buyer for whom the question of price is not the issue," says Catherine McDougall. And on top of work in all segments will be given the records."
In General, the auctioneers noted that the hard core collectors maintains its conservative tastes. So the illustration of the "Native language" possess the minds of fans of fine arts for a long time.