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Exhibition July 19 − August 8
Artem Pogrebnoy. Lviv Island
In the Lviv art gallery “Art gallery of madam Palmgren” there is a personal exhibition of Kharkov artist Artem Pogrebny “Lviv Island". The presented works are made in mixed technology. The documentary-real landscapes and architecture, taken as a basis, are “torn apart” by the invasion of elements of the “neighboring”, “other” reality, which is presented by the author organically and convincingly.

Artem Pogrebnoy was born in 1969 in Dnepropetrovsk. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State Art School, and then Kharkov Art and Industry Institute. Works as an art restorer of painting at the Kharkov branch of the National Research Restoration Center of Ukraine. Since 1989 she has been taking part in regional, national and international exhibitions. Active member of international plein airs in Poland. The works are in the collection of the Kharkov Art Museum, the Arsenal Municipal Gallery (Poznan, Poland), in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, USA, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Lithuania, Israel, Russia.