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About the exhibition
On June 18, the opening of Denis Frolovsky’s personal exhibition “Thoughts on the Other Side” will take place in the Annenkirche.

The title of the exhibition refers to Eduardo Con’s book “How Forests Think: Anthropology on the Other Side of Man”, which attracted the artist to his interest in the forest as an independent universe, and opened him another look at the perception of the universe as a whole. The fact that life is a process in which all living beings are personalities, but differ in levels of self-consciousness.
In the Annenkirche exhibition space, pictures with captions and quotations from world literature alternate with excerpts from the book How Forests Think, creating a motto between verbal and painting images.
At the exhibition “Thoughts on the Other Side,” the artist, working under the pseudonym føl, invites the viewer to immerse themselves in these “Thoughts ..” and make his own judgment about this vision of the world.

At the opening of the exhibition guests will enjoy the performance by Alexander Khromov (theater group MetaZero).

Technical partner: Bezhko Lighting
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