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Exhibition May 2 − June 8
Feil When the ends meet
Gallery "Gordon", one of the oldest and most influential Tel Aviv galleries, presents the exhibition “Feil. When the ends meet.

The exhibition presents new multimedia paintings and paper works, combining the world of design and street art, the aesthetics of an arcade and a night club, painting techniques and modern technologies.

Over the past twenty years, a new art form, file art, has evolved from a constant dialogue between its two leaders, Patrick MacNeill and Patrick Miller, into a continuous documentary retrospective of the 20th and 21st centuries.

This is nostalgic America with its rock and roll posters and graphic t-shirts, fantastic super-heroes and their bestiary, the world of social networks and television shows, the interweaving of new and old art forms.

Photos and materials - official site of the gallery "Gordon".
Galleries at the exhibition