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Exhibition 4 − April 24
Maxim Detkovsky. Puzzles archaic
Triptych Kiev gallery presents “Puzzles archaic”- a new project of Maxim Detkovsky, a young Ukrainian artist working at the junction of monumental painting and interior design. Textured, shimmering canvas, made an unusual authoring technique.

“In the technique I invented 6 years ago, I have to abandon the usual rules on which figurative painting is based, and make the color and texture the dominant components of my work. The process of applying varnish, paint, pigments is repeated many times, and the layers, crushing, crack, create deep textures that mimic natural motifs, ”the author notes.

Maxim Detkovsky was born in 1987 in Russia. He graduated from the Kiev Construction College, Kiev National Institute of Construction and Architecture. Since 2011 he has been working in the field of design and object design. Since 2013, professionally engaged in painting. Works are in private collections in Lisbon, Los Angeles, Paris, Geneva, Moscow, Kiev.

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