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Exhibition April 19 − May 5
Bombay Canvas by Urban Dreams 2019
Last year's debut party Urban Dreams from the creative team Rise Entertainment and the label Simiram will be held again in Moscow. This time it will expand to a three-week pop-up art exhibition, which will breathe new life into the urban high-tech environment. The pop-up art space of Bombay Canvas by Urban Dreams will open on Friday April 19 with the large-scale costume festival Urban Dreams and will be available for visits several times a day until May 5.

The guests of the event are waiting for a new wave of experiments with urban space and interiors, as well as active participation in the creation of art objects, artistic works and musical compositions in partnership with the famous gin brand.

The peculiarity of this space is that all objects will be created and changed, transferring the concept of a “white canvas”: the process will be replenished with new ideas and forms reflecting the self-expression of both artists and visitors, who are also artists in their depths don't know about it. It is impossible to know in advance what the exhibition ends, just as it is impossible to predict the result of creativity.

Visitors will have the opportunity not only to actively interact with the art objects of the pop-up art space, but also to have a nice time at the end of the day: Bombay Canvas bar and dancing to electronic and hip-hop music await guests - every evening at the venue DJs will be performing, and on some days, the new KEY_Q band.

The six loft rooms will turn into a symbiosis of an apartment, a workshop, a gallery and a bar, creating the perfect idea of combining the technologies of the future, traditional art and modern life-style. Visitors will feel the atmosphere of industrial chic LOFTEC concept loft from GC Koldi from the first minutes: they will be greeted by a robot-concierge, and then, at the entrance of guests, the latest face recognition system and other numerous features of the smart home will be waiting for you. This part of the exhibition is intended to show the facets of the absurd and, at the same time, the harmony of the coexistence of technology, man and space.

The central exhibit will be the sculpture of ILUMINA from the Mexican designer Pablo Gonzales Vargas, the founder of the cult art group Mayan Warrior. The art group will present its sound and light installation, reviving with the help of the collective energy of the spectators in the process of meditative practice. The sculpture is equipped with special terminals and sensors that connect to the person and read individual vibrations. Created in 2017, ILUMINA became a famous art installation of the Burning man festival, and in 2019 it will be the first art object of the festival brought to Russia.

Each of the participants of the art space in their own way will beat the aesthetics of Bombay Sapphire and the theme of CANVAS BAR blank canvas, creating art objects under the common name BOMBAY SAP-PHIRE CANVAS. Some works will be implemented and modified directly during the project.

Among the exhibitors are iconic figures of the modern art movement. Antonia Leo will present neon installations, the creation of which will be held online with the attraction of guests of the exhibition. Also, her graffiti will decorate the welcome-zone. The SAVE laboratory together with Anastasia Kiseleva will present the performance “CRYSTAL / Mental menthol body”, and the Digital art zone will be decorated by the gallery of independent art Proun Moscow.

DJs Oceanavs Orientalis, Concret, Alvaro Sua-rez, Bubu, Unders, Mendrix, Veronica fleyta will play their sets at the opening party.

It will be possible to purchase a ticket for the party after passing the preliminary moderation and subject to the dress code that allows guests to fully express their creativity. No dress code is required to visit the exhibition, and tickets for it will be available for sale.

We do not recommend postponing the visit: only 17 days will be left for the audience to see this inspiring project and become a real partner in the birth of modern art. The place where people, creativity and the platform exist in the collaboration should be a unique experience for every Urban Dreams 2019 visitor this spring.
Galleries at the exhibition