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Exhibition March 21 − August 1, 2017
“Treasures of Podgoretsky Castle”
Lviv National Gallery of Art named after Boris Voznytskypresents a large-scale and significant exhibition “Treasures of Podgoretsky Castle”. Paintings and objects of art that previously decorated the “Galician Versailles” —this was how the Podgoretsky Castle was called during its heyday — were taken from the vaults, where they were hidden for about 70 years, and first presented to the general public.

The curators of the exhibition have collected more than 200 exhibits - from paintings to interior items. Picturesque canvases do not accompany the usual plates with the names of artists, but the miraculously preserved exhibits are truly unique. The spectators did not see the masterpieces of the Podgoretsky castle collection from the moment Soviet power was established here in 1939, when Prince Sangozko’s private museum, which at that time was working in the castle, closed and the buildings were transferred to the Lviv Historical Museum. After World War II, the castle was plundered; later a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients was set up in the palace building. The restoration of the palace complex began only in 1997 and continues to this day.

A detailed story about the exhibition "Treasures Podgoretsky Castle", read the material "Arthive."
Photo: ji-magazine.lviv.ua, dyvys.info