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Exhibition October 12 − November 2, 2018
Sergey Dekalyuk. Joy and sorrow
In Ternopil Gallery "Bunkermuz" present the exhibition of Sergei Dekalyuk "Joy and sorrow." On canvases, the artist talks about the conflict of generations, the pursuit of success, the illusion, the discrepancy between internal and external. There are many symbols: crocodile "Lacoste", skull, toothed crocodiles, an empty chair.

"I wanted to show these works in Ternopil. And so that this exhibition was seen by young people, because our future depends on them. It seems to me that young people in Ternopol are not as lost as in Kiev, for example. Because here, like in other small towns, people are left with those values that are close to me — family, friendship, love, ”says Sergey Dekalyuk.

Sergey Dekalyuk was born and lives in Zbarazh. He studied at the Ternopil branch of the Uzhgorod College of Arts. A. Erdelyi and Lviv National Academy of Arts. Participant of many exhibitions.