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Unknown artist. Become a pioneer of tomorrow!
328465.Become a pioneer of tomorrow!
Unknown artist
1980-th , 80×52 cm
Nikolay Ivanovich Tereshchenko. New successes, comrades!
328466.New successes, comrades!
Konstantin Borisovich Druzhinin. The southern hemisphere of the sky in 1905.
328467.The southern hemisphere of the sky in 1905.
Konstantin Borisovich Druzhinin
Start XX centuries
Igor Razzhivin. Power and tenderness of the savanna
328468.Power and tenderness of the savanna
Igor Razzhivin
XXI century, 50×3×70 cm
Konstantin Borisovich Druzhinin. Sketch for "Swan Lake"
328469.Sketch for "Swan Lake"
Konstantin Borisovich Druzhinin
Middle XX centuries
Konstantin Borisovich Druzhinin. Gargoyle Notre Dame
328470.Gargoyle Notre Dame
Empty. A dream in reality
328471.A dream in reality
2020, 10×8 cm
Konstantin Druzhinin. Gargoyle North Dam de Paris
328472.Gargoyle North Dam de Paris
Larissa Lukaneva. Yuri
Larissa Lukaneva
2016, 50×40 cm
Elena Vasilyeva. Fairy and linden
328474.Fairy and linden
Elena Vasilyeva
2019-th , 50×60 cm
Elena Vasilyeva. Pond
Elena Vasilyeva
2017-th , 40×60 cm
Fawn. Demidov bridge
328476.Demidov bridge
2019, 30×2×50 cm