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This year US museums will mark the centenary of Auguste Rodin’s death

"The Kiss", "Gustav Klimt and Auguste Rodin", "The Human Experience", "Rodin at the Met" exhibitions will open at large museums in the USA in 2017. They are part of worldwide series of major Rodin projects marking 100 years since Auguste Rodin's death (1840−1917). Part of the displays has already opened, details about the rest are revealed. The audience will be provided with an impressive research of the legacy of the renowned French sculptor.

Auguste Rodin’s art was criticized throughout his whole life.
Now they are talking of him as of
the father of modern sculpture and the most influential artist of all times.
Auguste Rodin. Fleeting love
Fleeting love
1887, 26.7×29.2 cm
Auguste Rodin. Seated Caryatid with urn

Portland Art Museum pioneered the Roden100 relay race in the USA. It is the first institution in the country receiving the traveling exhibition Rodin: The Human Experience, comprising 52 bronze works by the sculptor.

This collection demonstrates the particular passion of the artist for modeling the human form in clay, the medium that most clearly reveals his creative process and way of thinking.

Left: Auguste Rodin, Fallen Caryatid with Urn, modeled 1883.

View on display at Portland Art Museum. Photo:
Auguste Rodin. Torso of the walking man

The exhibition includes studies and details for The Burghers of Calais, as well as works derived from his masterpiece, The Gates of Hell. The viewers have a chance to familiarize with experimentation done by Rodin when assembling his The Night (Double Figure) and Monumental Torso of the Walking Man, which demonstrate Rodin’s admiration for Michelangelo, and also the Dance Movement D, which speaks to his interest in understanding how the body moved.

The exhibition is especially rich in portraiture. There are depictions of the writers Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac; the composer Gustav Mahler; the artist Claude Lorraine; and one of Rodin’s favorite dancers, Hanako. This group includes also his The Hand of God, which is likely a self-portrait.

Left: Auguste Rodin, Monumental Torso of the Walking Man, 1879.

  • Auguste Rodin, Gustav Mahler, 1909.
  • Auguste Rodin, Heroic Bust of Victor Hugo, 1890-1897.
The exhibition Rodin: The Human Experience at the Portland Art Museum is on view until April 16, 2017. Then it moves to The Flint Institute of Arts (May 6-July 30, 2017) and ends the tour at the Telfair Museums in Savannah, GA (Sept 1, 2017-Jan 7, 2018).
August Rodin, detail of a monumental independent group The Three Shades (1880−1904) displayed at Rodin: The Human Experience.
The Rodin Museum in Philadelphia organized new unordinary presentation of Rodin’s works to celebrate the centenary. The exhibition The Kiss exhibition opening on February 1, is centered on the theme of passionate embrace. This is a collection of works in marble, bronze, plaster and terracotta, created by Rodin over a 30-year period.
The Hand of God,
Here you can admire Rodin’s sculptures The Minotaur, I am Beautiful, Eternal Springtime and Youth Triumphant. The model of The Kiss in marble, commissioned by Jules Mastbaum in 1926 for the Philadelphia Museum, will be given pride of place. You can also find The Thinker and the Monument to Balzac in here.
  • August Rodin, The Kiss, first modeled in 1882.
  • August Rodin, The Minotaur, first modeled in 1885.
The exhibition is on view for two years, up to January, 2019.

Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
will present its collection of the French Master in a new context. Approximately 50 objects in bronze, marble, and plaster will show life and work of the artist from his early experiments. Auguste Rodin: The Centenary Installation will embrace all legacy of "the father of modern sculpture." Exhibition will be on view until April, 9, 2017.

It will be followed by the unique dialogue between Rodin’s masterpieces and works by Gustav Klimt, another great fin-de-siècle Austrian master of Modernism. Exhibition Gustav Klimt & Auguste Rodin: A Turning Point will be on view October 14, 2017-January 28, 2018.

Left: Auguste Rodin, "The Thinker," c. 1880, cast c. 1904. Bronze. Placed in front of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

The extraordinary range of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's holdings of Rodin’s work is also highlighted at the exhibition, celebrating the centenary in New York. Rodin at The Met includes nearly 60 marbles, bronzes, plasters, and terracottas, collected by the museum over a century. Among them are iconic works, such as The Thinker and The Hand of God as well as marble masterpiece The Tempest that have not been on view in decades.
Auguste Rodin. Shock
1908, 34.6×37.8 cm
The Met will complement the sculptures on display by the paintings by Rodin’s contemporaries and friends, including Claude Monet and Pierre Puvis de Chavannes. Canvases will alternate with drawings, prints, letters, and books illustrated by Rodin, as well as photographs by Edward Steichen of the master sculptor and his art.
Exhibition Rodin at The Met is on view from September 5, 2017 to January 15, 2018.
Written by Vlad Maslow on materials from official cites of mentioned museums.
Main illustration: exhibit from Rodin: The Human Experience at Portland Art Museum, USA.