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Exhibition December 10, 2020 − January 24
1 day left

Martha at da Vinci's. Exhibition project by Konstantin Prusov in the "House of Da Vinci", Novosibirsk

How nice it is to be on a visit, to talk about joint affairs, to remember and live the warm moments of the past. Friends often invite each other to visit, so as not to lose kind and desired physical contact, in order to feel humanity with every fiber of the soul.
The artist Konstantin Prusov is a great friend of the scientific library, a talented artist and author of books. From May to August 2020, he presented three of his books live on air: "Martha in Paris", "Russian Fairy Tales" and "Visiting the Sea". Each story is a tart cocktail of memories, emotions, sensations, flavored with smiles and sparkle in the eyes.
Martha is a deep, imaginative and characteristic character, the heroine of the artist's first book. Martha, Marfusha, Marfushka are a real Russian girl, with porcelain delicate skin, with cheeks like bulk apples. Martha is the personification of traditions, the standard of female love for a man. Always reckless, proactive, loud and laughing, she inspires Stepan to feats. Together they explore Paris, wander the streets, leaving marks of hot hearts here and there. This is how Martha appears in the artist's book, this is how she looks at the viewer from the painting "Martha and the waxwing". Young and at the same time wise, she caresses us with her eyes, as if inviting us to a game, the rules of which are determined by you. Martha is a Siberian Mona Lisa, it was this world famous painting by Leonardo da Vinci himself that Constantine was inspired by. This exhibition combined intention and result - it brought Martha to the Da Vinci House!
It is no coincidence that we invited Martha to visit Leonardo! After all, they have something to tell each other. The fresh walls of space meet their first heroes - graphic illustration sheets for the book "Martha in Paris", oil paintings created by Constantine in Italy, author's curtains, books and a film enchanting with the beauty of Italian villages. Paris ... Italy ... Martha ... Da Vinci ... Europe ... Russia ... What an unimaginable and fascinating game, like Cortazar's. How incredibly parallels pass between cultures, a connection is built between male and female, guest and host.
The exhibition "Martha at Da Vinci's" is about friendship, about how much we all gain when we decide to give a piece of our soul, when we understand that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. The creative genius of Konstantin Prusov will give you the opportunity to enjoy the graphic world of lines, strokes, strokes that skillfully add up to images. Looking at them, you lose your understanding of your physical location - from the Da Vinci House you seem to teleport to Paris, wander around its surroundings with Martha and Stepa, taste coffee, inhale the aromas of French perfume and lavender soap. Painting, presented in different genres, capaciously talks about the intricacies of cultural mechanisms. Constantine always appeals to the symbols that he knows, in relation to which he builds his life trajectory. His artistic and sensual wisdom is invariably embodied in pictorial corporeality, calling, in addition to admiration, to reflection. "Pomegranate for the Last Supper" is a painting about divine love and eternity, the key symbol of which is about fertility in the broadest sense of the word. The centric composition creates a visual funnel - you, following the characters, dance in a round dance around this juicy and sweet fire of life. The exposition also includes "Madonna with a Pomegranate" - the fusion of the image of the mother with the symbol of the hearth, a kind of interpretation of Martha and Dom!
For this exhibition, the artist specially created curtains that simultaneously divide the space and invite into it. You always want to open a closed curtain, look in, come to visit. Together with Konstantin, Martha and Leonardo, we invite you to a pleasant journey through Italy and France, provided that you are here and now in Novosibirsk. This is how art erases boundaries, and the kindness emanating from the heart of the creator multiplies and goes to every viewer!
Enjoy your trip and good thoughts!
Anna Galeeva. Exhibition curator / Da Vinci House, Novosibirsk
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