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Exhibition June 14 − July 15, 2019

Ivo Lille and Alexander Dubovik. Light dialogue with color

The Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art Korsakov in Lutsk hosts an exhibition by Ivo Lille and Alexander Dubovik “Light dialogue with color". The idea of this project was born spontaneously, a year ago. The Estonian master of art glass and the Ukrainian painter found common ground and personal acquaintance developed into an artistic dialogue. Their works spoke in the language of light and color.

Deeply symbolic, fundamental to our being, light and color unite the subjective, associative, artistic worlds of the authors, bring them into the plane of metaphysics, actualize the category of the beautiful. Deprived of specifics, in terms of the basic geometric elements of the universe, they reveal all the complexity of the ligament and the identity of the micro- and macrocosm, nature and man.

“I could say that I express my thoughts and feelings in images, as our ancestors did on the walls of caves. Ideas are realized in the process, and when the work is completed, then the thought comes to an end, that is, the expression has taken place, ”says Ivo Lille.