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Exhibition March 24, 2018 − July 28, 2019

Sensuality and Exotic

Museum Mans-Katz in Haifa holds an exhibition "Sensuality and Exotic"The exhibition which presents the canvases of Immanuel Kayz Leiserovich (Man-Katz).

This exhibition focuses on the sensual, erotic, instinctive, sometimes violent and even hedonistic side of the art of Mane Katz. This side is reflected not only in the themes that he chose, but also in the features of the technique of performing his works. The exhibition features selected landscapes and works depicting colorful flower carts typical of Paris, paintings and sketches of female nudes, horses with Arab horsemen and paintings with seductive oriental women, along with images of circus, entertainment scenes and music.

Mane Katz is one of the leading Jewish artists of the Paris School (École de Paris) of the first half of the twentieth century. In his work, he turned to universal genres and themes characteristic of the painting of that time, such as landscape, nature, interior, still life and portrait.

The paintings of Mane Katz present the characteristic features of expressionism - the style of the early twentieth century, which sought to reflect the emotional accent by distorting color, shape and space.

Since the 1930s, the author’s emotional expression is manifested in the strengthening of sensual elements: his charged, powerful brush strokes, strong, trembling, distorted and colorful figures, in his free, bold and tangible colors.

The powerful power of color is also manifested in sharp contrasts between color areas, in surprising relationships between image and background, and in distinct greasy contours.