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- Kelarev

born in 1996 •
artist, collector
The artists of the creative workshop of the Art Grad printing house on 06/03/2019 marked the beginning of the project “World Postcards”.

In Vedic culture, “OM” is the sound of “power,” the first sound that gave rise to the perceived universe.

The artist and presenter of the project is Ivan Kelarev. The curator and co-author of the project is Igor Chernyshov, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

The artist reveals to the viewer the countless spaces of the Worlds, while not only parallel, but also the inner world of Man.

“World Cards” - based on the name itself, the project is global, all-encompassing. The project raises acute problems and topical issues of world understanding and self-determination of modern man, man at the turn of the cultural epochs in preparation for immersion in virtual reality (or departure from it). Humanity has not had such an experience yet, and what awaits us in the coming decades is one of the themes of my work.

The reality of modern people consists of haste and is filled with information, swirling through a prism of consciousness at a speed of 5G, leaving no place for quiet contemplation of the Universe, knowledge of both the external Worlds and the internal.

The artist chose for himself black and white colors as the basis of the color scheme, revealing the author's idea.

The unity and struggle of black and white is an example of an impeccable graphic solution in which the author, using conditional spots, reveals to the viewer the essence of the “core” of dialectics, which is the law of universal reality and its cognition by human thinking.

The artist carries out large-scale and unprecedented work on creating 333 illustrations for the complete collection of works by Carlos Castaneda in the author's style, sets 2 book records and creates a one-of-a-kind collection of the MOST UNUSUAL illustrations in the author's style.

1. record for the number of illustrations in engraving (333 linocuts) by one artist for the collected works of one author.

2. record for the number of original prints (99.999 prints) to the collected works of one writer

The collection will contain 103 illustrations more than the scripture illustrated in 1886 by Gustave Dore.


This series is a metaphorical message to man, message.

“Socium” addresses issues of values and vices, raises a number of pressing problems, including:
self-determination of man
-the problem of false ego
-the problem of a distorted and superficial understanding of reality,
-interaction of the subject with the external environment.

The author reveals a multifaceted topic devoted to the interaction of the subject with the external environment. A series devoted to the subject “inside” (the character of a person, psychic processes, states and phenomena inherent to him individually), and the subject “outside” (social patterns coming into the subject from outside, forming the individual as an independent unit of society, inculcating certain ideas).

Ideas coming from outside form an individual, a group of individuals forms a society, but it, in turn, proceeding from the norms and values established in it, forms a vector of its development, both materially and spiritually. At what stage of social development is society, what problems does society face, and how successfully are these problems resolved, we can not only observe such a society, but also be a part of it.

"time is not absolute, that is, the simultaneity of events makes sense in one frame of reference. The course of time depends on the movement, therefore it is relative"
A. Einstein.

The series is devoted to an urgent problem that has tormented human minds since ancient times: The problem of the inexorably leaking time, while a leak is often noticed only when the time has passed.

I will describe this series with words from the work "How Steel Was Tempered" by the Soviet writer Nikolai Sergeyevich Ostrovsky

“The most precious thing in a person is life. It is given to him once, and it must be lived so that there is no excruciating pain for the years spent aimlessly, so as not to burn the shame for the petty and petty past, and so, dying, he could say: all "life and all forces have been devoted to the most important thing in the world: the struggle for the liberation of mankind. And we must hurry to live. After all, an absurd illness or some tragic accident can interrupt it."

About the technique of execution:

Printed graphics - as a tool in the arsenal of a contemporary artist.

An instrument that has a specific and inherent language of conventionality, that educates thinking, instills a sense of plane, an understanding of fine art as a whole.

Being the most traditional and at the same time the most democratic form of art, printed graphics do not lose their relevance and in every era finds a new application.

Letterpress is the oldest printing method, the only process in which the font is in direct contact with the printed material. The image is transferred to the paper by relief elements of the printing form, the gaps between which are deepened. Printing ink covers only the surface of the protruding elements, and the print is transferred directly to the paper.

Continuing the work of the first printers, the author supports the preservation and further development of the best traditions of printing and prints.


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