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Vasilievich Bittenbinder


Biography and information

Born on December 8, 1891. Orthodox. He entered the service in 1908. He graduated from the Marine Corps as a senior non-commissioned officer and promoted to naval midshipmen (Pr. For the Fleet and the Marine Department No. 101, 10.04.1911). Warrant Officer (1911). He served in the Baltic Fleet. In 1911 - 1912, on the cruiser Aurora, which was part of the Training Detachment of ships, he sailed overseas to Bangkok, where he attended the festivities on the occasion of the coronation of King Rama VI of Siam Vachiravud. Lieutenant of the 1st Baltic Fleet Crew. Participant of the Great War (WWI). Lieutenant (1.01.1915). For military activity during the First World War he was awarded several orders with swords, including St. Anne of the 4th degree with the inscription "For Bravery" (03.16.1915). (Awards: Order of St. Stanislav 3rd class with swords and bow (24.12.1914); St. Anna 4th class with the inscription "For Bravery" (16.03.1915); St. Anna 3rd class. with swords and a bow (06/29/1915); light bronze medal in memory of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanov dynasty (1913); light bronze medal in memory of the 200th anniversary of the Gangut victory (1915); gold badge in memory of the end of the Naval Corps course ( 1911); Siamese medal in memory of the coronation of Rama VI Vachiravud (1916) After the October coup, he fled to Estonia, where he volunteered for the OKSA (Northern Corps). During the autumn offensive of Yudenich's army on Petrograd, he was transferred to the 23rd Pecharsky Infantry Regiment with the appointment of a company commander officer in the battalion to Captain 1st rank P.O.Shishko (1881 - 1967) Died during fierce battles on the left flank of the northwestern front in October 1919. Vasily Bittenbinder - elder brother of warrant officer Georgy Bittenbinder, who was killed in March 1917 on the destroyer "Gaidamak" in Helsingfors.
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