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born in 1948
Gennady Spirin (b. Dec 25 1948) is a great Illustrator from Russia. He was born in Moscow region, Orekhovo-Zuevo, vocational education has received in Moscow. The future author of the wonderful illustrations she studied at art school at the Academy of Arts, later entered the art-industrial Academy. G. Stroganov, from which he graduated with success. During his studies at Gennady Spirin has developed an own unique style, through which his watercolors are well recognized and remembered.

Clearance of children's literature the artist began in 1979. Some time later, he left Russia and lived in Germany, and in the ' 90s, at the invitation of sufficiently large and well-known publishers of America Philomel and Dial Press, went to the United States. Now Gennady Spirin lives in new Jersey, in Princeton, together with his wife and children: the couple has three sons. He still does not leave his beloved work, illustrating several books in the course of the year. His works are in private and public collections (Princeton University, Milan Museum of art).

Features of the artist-Illustrator Gennady Spirin: children's book illustration by this great master of watercolor — a real work of art. The author of an impressive number of beautiful works in fluent in this rather sophisticated technology, skillfully combining it with traditional Russian painting. In addition, in the paintings of Gennady clearly felt the influence of the genius artists of the past, in particular, Albrecht Dürer, Pieter Bruegel The Elder, Van Eyck, loved by Spirin from the time of the study. His carefully crafted paintings with intricate details is extremely interesting, colorful, and detailed. They resemble the realistic landscapes of small Dutch paintings and painters of the Renaissance.

Famous paintings by Illustrator Gennady Spirin: a series of works to the tale of Tsar Saltan, Pushkin's fairy tales "The little mermaid", "Thumbelina", "The Princess and the pea", "The Ugly Duckling"and the way the novel "Gulliver's travels" by D. swift, Christmas series and illustrations on biblical themes. Magnificent, its landscapes and animal paintings, portraits of friends and family, scenes of everyday life. Russian readers will remember the illustrations of Gennady for a wonderful children's book "the Black Hen" Pogorelsky, and works by Russian classical writers.

The artist Gennady Spirin, the Illustrator for celebrity

In 2003, world famous singer Madonna introduced her first children's book "English roses". The product was a great success: more than eighteen weeks was in the bestseller list according to the "new York times". Inspired, she wrote, one after another some instructive, funny and interesting books. In this series for preschoolers out of the six works, execution of which involved many famous artists: Stacey Petterson, Lauren LongOlga and Andrey Dudina. In addition, one of the stories illustrated Jeffrey Fulvimari, the famous disciple of the cult of the artist Andy Warhol.

Tale "Yakov and the seven thieves", the third in the cycle, was written in 2004. Illustrations created by Gennady Spirin. Chose the author of the Madonna, and it is unlikely that this choice was random.
The events described in the book, it takes place in a small town in the Eastern part of Europe, the eighteenth century. And heroes, the era quite match the favorite subjects of paintings by Spirin and Dutch and German painters, as well as his own works. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that the illustrations of Gennady to the tale of Madonna so fascinating, wonderfully warm and colorful, perfect to maintain the General atmosphere of a wonderful book about kindness and compassion.
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