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Nikolaevich Bunin


Painter batalicheskih. Was volnoprihodyaschim student of the Academy of Arts from 1881 To 1884-a small incentive medal; in 1885-a small incentive medal; in 1887-a big incentive medal. (Kondakov)

From the hereditary nobility of Voronezh province. In 1872 he graduated from the Mikhailovsky Voronezh military school and entered the Mining Institute. Service joined a volunteer as a private in 1877 in the 88th infantry Petrovsky, but in 1878 – in the L.-GV. Jaeger regiment. In 1880 he passed the examinations at the Konstantinovsky school and was promoted to ensign. Bunin went the usual way of a combatant officer. Being a Lieutenant, he served in the positions of battalion and regimental adjutant, regimental of jamonera; receiving the rank of captain, commanded a company (1893). In 1898, he was promoted to captain.

In parallel with military service Bunin actively engaged in artistic activities. With the permission of the commander of the regiment and led. kN. Vladimir Alexandrovich in 1881 he joined a volunteer in the Imperial Academy of arts, where he studied in the battle class to 1887, Received during study two small (1884, 1885) and one big (1887) silver medals. Participated in the exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of arts from 1884 to 1894

In 1891, for the painting "the mill", "", "Series", "Under the Mountain Oak" Lieutenant Bunin, was recognized as honorary free member of the Imperial Academy of arts, which was announced in the order on the shelf. In the period from 1892 to 1896 watercolor artist often appeared at the exhibitions of the Society of Russian watercolors. In 1889/1890, he released an album of his drawings "Russian military life". As a member of the St. Petersburg society of artists, Bunin in its composition is constantly exhibited in the halls IOP or Passage. At various times, the customers and buyers of his works were Grand Dukes Georgii Mikhailovich, Mikhail, Peter N., with whom he served together in the guards. In 1900 Bunin sickness resigned, was granted the rank of Colonel's uniform. Paintings Bunin mainly devoted to battle scenes. His works reflected the battle scenes of the Patriotic war of 1812, Russian-Turkish 1877-1878 and the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905; and the peaceful everyday life of the army (for example, "Presentation by Emperor Nicholas II banner of the 145 th infantry regiment Novocherkassk", 1900). He turned to the portrait genre (portraits of Napoleon, General Bobrikov, "Time life-guard Horse regiment in the Winter Palace", 1889, etc.), and he completed the drawings for the regimental histories, officer's lunch menu.

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