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Portrait Of Pope Innocent X

Painting, 1650, 140×120 cm

Description of the artwork «Portrait Of Pope Innocent X»

"Troppo vero!" exclaimed Pope innocent X, when Diego Velazquez finished a portrait of him. These words mean "Too similar!". We collected 6 interesting facts about the film, which is the unique pinnacle of portrait art of the XVII century.

1. How Diego Velasquez managed to get such a high customer?

It is not easy. To paint the portrait of Pope 50-year-old Velasquez, although he was court painter and close special the Spanish king Philip IV, in Italy, was little known. Once in Rome, Velasquez has taken the unusual move aimed to his mastery of learned nobles and wealthy Italians. He wrote a fine the portrait of his servant Juan de Perechi and sent the model along with her picture around an Italian Villa, demonstrating the virtuosity of the Spanish brush. The result exceeded all expectations: in the same year, Velasquez was invited to an audience with the Pope innocent X, where after a conversation, the artist was commissioned generational portrait of the Pontiff.

2. What is not shared Pope innocent X and cardinal Mazarin?

At the time of writing portrait of Daddy was about 75 years old. But he looked much younger: Velasquez really gives the blush on his cheeks (though it might just be purple reflexes from his red satin Cape is also written with extraordinary skill) and sober, corrosive glance. Innocent X held the papacy for more than 10 years from September 1644 to January 1655 and in this difficult time for Europe was one of the most influential politicians, because it would be naive to think that the activity of the Pope is limited to only intra-Church issues. For example, he forced Italy's influential Barberini clan, accusing them of major embezzlement of public funds. Brothers Antonio, Francesco and Tadeo Barberini fled to France, where they were sheltered by cardinal Mazarin (known to us by the novels of Dumas, but in reality far more powerful and less funny than it is portrayed by the author of "the Three Musketeers"). Mazarin, though he was by birth an Italian, was a political opponent of innocent X. If Mazarin was one of the initiators of the "peace of Westphalia" that stopped the Thirty years war, the innocent "peace of Westphalia" condemned, as I expected to win, "the Habsburg bloc" (Spain and Austria). In General, it is not surprising that the court painter of the Habsburgs – Diego Velazquez – called dad's sympathy.

3. The Palazzo Doria Pamphilj, which houses a portrait of the Pope and founded

Portrait of innocent X from the time of writing and until today have not changed its location. It can be viewed in a private gallery Doria-Pamphili, on the Roman via del Corso. In the collection of the Museum expected the personal collection of innocent X, who in the world was the name of Giambattista Pamphili.

4. Innocent X is holding an autograph Velasquez

The Velasquez were the original way to put pictures on your signature – it fit seamlessly into the plot. For example, in this portrait, the Pope is holding a card which can read the inscription "The most Holy Pope innocent X Diego da Silva Velasquez, court painter of His Majesty the Catholic king".

5. Artist Guido Reni also wrote innocent X – only in the form of the devil

For the Church of Santa Maria della Concessione in Rome, Guido Reni created the picture "The Archangel Michael trampling Satan". The head of the wicked, flattened under the heel of the leader of the heavenly army, suspiciously like innocent X. this is not surprising: the customer painting was made by the Barberini clan, who was in a long competitive struggle with the clan Pamphili.

6. British expressionist of the twentieth century, Francis bacon was famous for his "cover versions" of this portrait

The famous brawler and one of the most expensive artists of the twentieth century Francis Baconspecializing in distortion of bodies and objects, was particularly inspired by this portrait by Velazquez. Bacon admitted that "just mad at Dad" and elaborate on: "I think it's his gorgeous colours". According to Wikipedia, in 2007-m to year "Study for portrait of Pope innocent X on red background"was acquired by the Qatari sheikhs over 53 million dollars, and "Screaming Dad"Bacon (based on the same work of Velazquez, crossed with a scene from "the Battleship Potemkin" of Eisenstein) in 2012 went under the hammer for 25.6 million.

Author: Anna Yesterday
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Portrait

Style of art: Baroque

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1650

Size: 140×120 cm

Artwork in selections: 40 selections