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Sunset at sea

Painting, 1911, 86.3×86.3 cm

Description of the artwork «Sunset at sea»

"Sunset at sea" refers to a series of works by the artist Child Gassama, where he explores the possibilities of colors and effects of light: a traditional subject for impressionistic "meditations". The picture was painted on the island of Appledore in the state of new Hampshire. Eliminating the foreground, the artist focuses on the vastness of the sea, which quickened only a small receding boat, which makes the work almost abstract. Thanks to the skilful elaboration of a uniform and a special way to apply brush strokes, this canvas becomes an outstanding manifestation of impressionism. Refined appeal Gassama with a palette of colors reminiscent of jewelry, emphasizes atmospheric effects. The sky and the sea merge on the canvas in a single space, but, on the contrary, opposed by colors (almost contrast) and texture overlay colors.

Hassam embodies the principles of impressionism and focusing on the bright and somewhat fantastic light, which he deftly plays a short and fast strokes. The artist does not believe in the possibility of realistic landscapes, preferring to model space in accordance with their worldview. His seascape on the verge of abstract images.

The vision Gassama twilight is entirely influenced by the innovation of "Nocturnes" by James Abbott McNeil Whistler (1, 2, 3, 4) and aesthetic theory of relativity light. Like Whistler, Hassam concentrated in their twilight and night scenes on the study of the harmonizing influence of the light. Work Gassama evoke associations with the painting of Whistler "Nocturne in blue and silver. Chelsea" written forty years earlier. On the canvas of Whistler particularly captivated by the ephemeral effects of light and weather conditions, and his palette is restricted to muted shades. Whistler depicted a quiet scene on the Thames, where a barge slowly floats down the river after sunset. In imitation of Whistler, Hassam presents his work with bird's eye and fills the scene scattered reflection of shimmering light on the water surface. Both artists focus on light, color and form, almost ignoring the story.

Instead use different colors in order to outline the space and outline the composition, Hassam solves this same task, varying the technique of the stroke. The sea along the bottom of the canvas is written in small separate brushstrokes to indicate the influence of light source on the vibrating water surface. In the center, where the sunlight reflected from the surface of the water, the artist uses paint sparingly, while heaven is depicted wide continuous stripes of bright pink and yellow hues.

"Sunset at sea", with its perfectly detailed image of the surface of the water is an example of the sea, can give an idea about the impressionistic style Gassama. Peace and tranquility create ideal spatial structure, which covers sea and sky in their colourful and picturesque richness.

In November 2007, Christie's auction house has sold several paintings Gassama among them the magnificent "sunset on the sea", which was paid 3 million 737 thousand dollars.

Author: Oleg Vybivaet
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About the artwork

Art form: Painting

Subject and objects: Marina

Style of art: Impressionism

Technique: Oil

Materials: Canvas

Date of creation: 1911

Size: 86.3×86.3 cm

Artwork in selections: 18 selections

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