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born in 1992 •
Biography and information

About me
My name is Darya.
I am an architect

Education: the NGAHA in-house specialty of the NGAHA "15,
Design of the Architectural Environment
(Design of Architectural Environment).
Since 2012, I work with graphic design. from 2014 to 2015 worked as a designer in private interiors.

Since I’m working on a project, I’m working on a project, I’m .

since 2007 I like expressive abstraction. In 2011, I participated in the international paper for several years. I give you my dream

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About me
since 2007 I have been drawing for myself in different styles, but most of all I like expressive abstraction. In 2011, I participated in an international volunteer exhibition, and also went to paint at a cool paper for several years. I dream of exhibitions all over the world, giving people the opportunity to see my work

Jackson Pollock
Full fathom Five
Number 8
The lunar woman
Shimmering substance
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