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Graphic Artists

Graphic art is familiar to every artist. All preliminary sketches to the paintings and quick drafts made in a minute of inspiration with the nearest tool (be it a pencil, a quill, a ballpoint pen or something else) are directly related to graphic art. This type of painting attracts attention with its play of light and shadow, a combination of dots and lines, as well as the incredible skill of the artist who is able to create a real masterpiece without resorting to colors.

Paintings in the genre of graphic art are created on smooth white paper, as well as on colored paper with a relief surface, chipboard, vinyl, etc. With the help of a pencil, pastel or ink, the artist creates a picture, putting dots, strokes and dabs on the surface of the canvas. Generally, two primary colors prevail in graphic works – black and white, however, pastel graphics allows the use of the whole palette of colors.

One of the most famous graphic artists is Albrecht Dürer. Nowadays, engravings created by this genius of painting, based on his own drawings, are known to every art lover. They include Melencolia I, Rhinoceros, The Apocalypse series, Samson, The Men's Bath, Peasant Couple Dancing, The Large Passion series, etc.

Rembrandt, who gave the world his incredible colors and compositions, also started his creative career with graphic art. Having moved to Amsterdam in 1631, he began working on his own style. To improve his drawing skills, the artist created sketches depicting female and male heads with various facial expressions. His training bore fruit: those were portraits that allowed Rembrandt to get high-profile clients among the Amsterdam burghers. Rembrandt's graphic heritage includes self-portraits, a portrait of his son, the pictures Allegory, Jupiter and Antiope, Faust, The Three Crosses and many others.

There are a lot of artists who worked in the genre of graphic art. Let's mention the most famous names: Maurits Escher, Camille Pissarro, Édouard Manet, John Sargent, William Blake, Valentin Serov, Raphael Santi, Leonardo da Vinci, Francisco Goya, Vasily Polenov, and Katsushika Hokusai. Modern graphic artists, in addition to traditional methods, also use computers in their work. In this section of our art portal, we've collected the best works by the painters of the past and modern graphic artists.
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