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Giovanni Francesco


Italian painter, one of the best students Liberale da Verona. During the work in Mantua came under the influence of Mantegna, "which affected him not only more life-giving than others, but brought his style with the style of Mantegna". Influence on the work Caroto was also provided by Francesco Buonsignori, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael. The first dated work Caroto — "Madonna" in the gallery at Modena (1501). Most of the work was created in Verona: Church of St. Eufemia — the fresco "the Journey of Tobit" and "lives of the saints Ursula and Lucia" (poorly preserved) and the altar; in Santa Maria in Organo — frescoes on old Testament stories; in San Fermo Maggiore — "Madonna"; in the Archbishop's Palace, the "Resurrection of Lazarus".

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