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Nikolayevich Vasilyev

1830−XX century

Original art education was born in the city of Bolhov of the Oryol province of Mikhail Nikolaevich Vasiliev received at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture, where he studied from 1848 to 1850. In 1850 M. Vasilyev went to Petersburg and entered the Academy of fine arts, where under the guidance of Professor Markov achieves impressive success in exchange for their student work silver and gold medals. In 1855 — a small gold medal for the program "the judgment of Solomon," in 1857 — a gold for the program "Saul at Endor sorceress".

Professor of historical painting; race. in the town of Bolkhov (Orel province) in 1826

He received his artistic education at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture in St. Petersburg Academy of arts. After studying at the latter with a large gold medal, was sent abroad as a pensioner of the Academy. Visited Germany, Paris, London, Constantinople, Athos and Italy and all the monuments studied painting in churches and museums.

On his return to Petersburg, in 1869, received the title of academician, from which in 1884 was promoted to the rank of Professor. Was a teacher at the Academy of Art classes. Specialty Vasiliev. — Church painting.

His image and religious paintings are noble works, rigor of the picture pleasantness of colors and consistency of style in the spirit of Orthodoxy. From the works of Vasiliev deserve special attention: figure 14 prophets, and seated among them the virgin Mary, painted with wax colors, in the Russian Embassy Church in Paris; wall painting, encaustic, too, in the Nikolaev Church cemetery in Sebastopol; nine small images in the iconostasis of the same Church; "the Nativity" in the Zhitomir Cathedral, and ten religious paintings in the Cathedral of Riga.

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