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Zhao Manfu

Zhao Manfu


By birth belonged to the descendants of the Imperial house of sung. He studied painting and calligraphy at a certain AO Shan, also he was influenced by his older colleague-a traditionalist Qian Xuan.

Zhao Manfu agreed to take the post at the Mongol court and served under five emperors. His posts included Governor of the provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangxi, and the head of the Hanlin Academy.

In the period from 1286 1295 for years Zhao Manfu traveled extensively in Northern China, according to official needs, and have assembled a collection of works by Northern masters X—XI centuries, which has also had an impact on him. Upon returning to Beijing, he created his most significant works.

He earned fame during his lifetime, and after death was canonized as the Prince of Wei.

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