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Gu Kaizhi

Gu Kaizhi


Include GU kaizhi was born in the year 344 (although are other dates, but this is the most common) in the modern district Wuxi Jiangsu province, located in southern China. Family tree GU was lush and branched; the artist's ancestors have held high bureaucratic ranks. Chinese researcher of the artist pan, Tianshou notices that include GU kaizhi "was fully cherished under the memorial boards of noble houses". Of course, the Scion of such a noble family was given an excellent education, he got his either at home or in a private school. "History of the Jin dynasty" reports that the thirst for art was manifested in him since childhood, however this is the standard speed when writing biographies of all the celebrities. In his youth he joined the civil service, chief of cavalry Huan Wen took him as his Secretary. Huan Wen was a famous General, who led in the year 354 the campaign against the States of Qin and Yang, and achieved success. Subsequently, however, he had sullied his name antigenaemia participation in the conspiracy. To his young Secretary, Huan Wen was treated patronizingly, as he was impressed by the erudition and poetic talent of Keiji — this preserved mention in the stories.

373 year Huan Wen died, and include GU kaizhi expressed his grief by composing poetry. The subsequent period of historical sources, poorly lit, so twenty years of the artist's life following the death of his patron, remain a mystery. There is no doubt that these years were not spent in vain, and the artist at this time, wrote, traveled, thought, worked. In his fifties, he falls under Yin Juncana — large nobles, in whose face he had regained a friend. "History of Jin" said: "he Later served as Secretary of Yin Juncana, who also had a deep respect for him." In this period, three wit — include GU kaizhi, Huan Xuan and Yin Jungang loved to hold a joint evening, competing in wit and eloquence.

A friend of Kaiji was CE Anh (320-385), a high official and well-known philanthropist of the era of the Six dynasties (III—VI century), who deeply admired the paintings of the artist, considering that he surpassed all previous painters. Xie an gathered around him a circle of poets, calligraphers, painters — in short, artistic Bohemia, called the "Orchid Pavilion" (Lanting). It is assumed that include GU kaizhi repeatedly visited his estate in Guyzz, located in a beautiful place. The pavilion stood on an island, washed by the rivulet, and participants a sophisticated collection spent time in artistic contests and games. For example, catching the cups of wine floating on a Lotus leaf, and who was agile enough to catch the full Cup, emptied it in the singing of the verses. By evening, all the participants wrote poetry about his experiences. It is likely that include GU kaizhi did not find these beautiful collections, but there was no doubt that his work was permeated by this aesthetic spirit.

The circumstances and place of death unknown.

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