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Petrovich Erofeevsky

Valery Petrovich Erofeevsky was born in 1955 in the village of Sosnovo-Ozerskoye, Republic of Buryatia. From early childhood he was fond of fine art, in his school years he was engaged in an art studio, participated in competitions and various exhibitions.

He graduated from the art department of the Irkutsk College of Arts and the painting department of the Far Eastern Pedagogical Institute of Arts (Vladivostok). He worked in the art and production workshops of Ust-Ilimsk and Ulan-Ude.

In 1993, he was admitted to the Union of Artists of Russia for participating in many exhibitions both in Russia and abroad. In 1994 he moved to Irkutsk at the invitation of the Zagursky Musical Theater, where he worked in a decoration workshop. Then he devoted a certain period of his creative activity to the Museum of the History of Irkutsk, from where in 2000 he was invited to an educational activity by an artist-teacher at the Irkutsk Regional Art College.
In 2013, the life of the painter tragically ended.
Valery Erofeevsky's works are in private collections and museums in Russia, South Korea, South China, Mongolia, Poland, Yugoslavia, the USA and England.
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